UPDATE: 4:10 a.m. — A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Venus Williams for her involvement in a car crash in Florida that killed a 78-year-old man, TMZ reported late Thursday. 

The lawsuit suing Williams states the tennis player broke the law on June 9 by entering an intersection in Palm Beach County, violated the red light, drove too fast while she was distracted, and created a situation where the accident was unavoidable, TMZ reported.

The lawsuit adds that the impact was so severe that the victim’s car was "crushed, the front windshield shattered, the airbags deployed, there was crush damage to the rear on the driver's side, and the back window was shattered."

Jerome Barson, who was a passenger in the car, which was being driven by his wife Linda, died 14 days after the accident.

The lawsuit, filed by the estate's attorney, Michael Steinger, seeks unspecified damages for loss of companionship for both Linda and their family, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and medical and funeral expenses.

Original story:

Venus Williams was involved in a car crash in Florida that led to the death of a 78-year-old man, Palm Beach Gardens police investigating the tennis player said Thursday. The accident took place on June 9 when Williams' car crashed into another vehicle approaching an intersection westbound in Palm Beach Gardens.

The investigation into the crash concluded that Williams was at fault, while her lawyer says it was an accident. The Grand Slam champion, who was introduced to tennis by her father, has an estimated net worth of $75 million. Williams has earned 21 Grand Slam titles, since turning pro in 1994. Apart from her tennis career, Williams designs her own clothing line, Eleven, and sells it through the Gilte Groupe. She is also part of several endorsements, including Wilson, Electronic Arts, Kraft, Ralph Lauren and Tide. Williams was also named the 2nd highest earning female athlete after her sister, Serena.

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Williams has not been cited or charged in the latest car crash incident, and no evidence were found showing Williams under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The police report stated that Williams was not distracted by an electronic device while driving either. 

“[Venus] is at fault for violating the right of way of [the other driver],” the police report obtained by TMZ claimed. The 37-year-oldreportedly told police she did not see the approaching car and she was driving slowly.

The man, who died, Jerome Barson, was travelling with his wife who was driving their vehicle through an intersection when the collision happened. The victim suffered a head trauma. He was taken to a hospital and was placed in ICU, but later succumbed to his injuries. Barson’s wife, who was also rushed to the hospital, suffered broken bones and other injuries, but survived the crash.

Some reports, citing witnesses, claimed Williams was driving her 2010 Toyota Sequoia when she went through the red light and into Barson's car.

"Ms Williams entered the intersection on a green light. The police report estimates that Ms Williams was travelling at 5mph when Mrs Barson crashed into her," Williams' lawyer Malcolm Cunningham told CNN in a statement. "Authorities did not issue Ms Williams with any citations or traffic violations. This is an unfortunate accident and Venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one."

Williams is due to play her 20th Wimbledon tournament in London next week.

After the police report was released, several Twitter users questioned whether Williams will go to jail or face manslaughter charges. However, many users said the tennis player would not spend a single day in jail because she is wealthy.

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"Regardless of fault Venus Williams won't spend a single day in jail for her crime. But you know privledges only go one way," Twitter user Nate Woodard‏ wrote. While another said: "If Venus Williams does not go to jail we'll all say because she's wealthy, If she does we'll say because shes black, Cruel world!!"