Verizon Wireless is set to roll out the Palm Pre early next year and is reported to be also making upgrades to its network to accommodate the Apple iPhone, according to media reports released Friday.

A Palm Pre Plus is reported to be listed in Verizon's internal systems, according to sources close to PhoneArena. The Pre is expected to be rolled out on sometime in early 2010, as Sprint's six-month exclusivity over the Pre will be coming to an end.

Till now, it is unknown what the Plus means. Bloggers are guessing that extra features are added on the phone from the previous Palm Pre model, but what those features are, is still a mystery.

Palm is expected to concentrate on its current smartphone line-up in the coming year, and a software update for the Pre is due after CES 2010.

Meanwhile, Verizon is upgrading its wireless network, just in case Apple decides to sell the iPhone through multiple carriers next year, according to a BusinessWeek report.