In what could be just an honest mistake or an intentional attempt at viral marketing, Verizon released a demo video of the unreleased BlackBerry 9930 phone.

The video shows a Verizon employee using all of the new BlackBerry Bold 9930 features, in what was labeled as a BlackBerry 9630 video.

The new phone is billed as the thinnest BlackBerry ever with a 1.2 GHZ processor and 8GB of internal memory. Even though it is the thinnest BlackBerry, the employee notes that the phone actually features the largest QWERTY keyboard.

The new phone has a pinch to zoom touch feature, but also keeps the well-known track pad feature on the keyboard. This allows for customers to combine the best of touch screen features with QWERTY keyboard features.

The release of this demo video comes on the same day that RIM announced on Twitter that the company would be releasing new details about the BlackBerry 7 operating system on Tuesday. The company really has been struggling for some good news, and a positive buzz and review of its new BlackBerry phone could do the trick.