Victoria Beckham gave birth to Harper Seven, there fourth child last Sunday. The name has caused some speculation over Twitter as fans are curious as to why the couple chose the name. 

Victoria debuted the daddy's girl via Twitter Saturday night. The star tweeted, Daddy's little girl! X VB X, and linked to a photo of Harper Seven and with her dad. 

She also tweeted, We all feel so blessed and the boys love their baby sister so much!!! X VB.

Baby Harper is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen, I have fallen in love all over again!!!

Harper Seven, who is the Beckham's first girl, was born at 7:55 a.m. at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. 

To announce the birth of the latest addition to the Beckham brood, David wrote on Facebook, I am so proud and excited to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Seven Beckham.

[Harper Seven] weighed a healthy 7lbs 10oz and arrived at 7.55 this morning, here in LA. Victoria is doing really well and her brothers are delighted to have a baby sister. 

Jason Alexander, who poked fun at the buzz surrounding Harper Seven tweeted: Alright, I cannot hide the truth-Harper Seven Beckham is the love child of me and David Beckham. (I told you people would know, David).

Victoria has been in the news recently not only for her baby bump, but because she made an announcement to launch a less expensive fashion line called Victoria by Victoria Beckham. 

In a statement made by the designer about her reasoning for the new line, Beckham reveals she has been on the hunt for these kinds of dresses for herself. Beckham stated that she wanted, The perfect little summer dress, something that was fun, something that was girly, something that was easy to wear, something that would take you from day through the night.  

The clothing line will appeal to a younger consumer because of the style choice and the price. The dresses are inspired by bright colors, 60's style mod, and Emily the Strange (a fictional cartoon character).

David, too, will be adding the title of designer to his resume this year with his own underwear collection. 

David said of the line in a recent statement, I have had the idea of doing a body wear collection for some time now. The push to do something of my own really came as a result of my collaboration with Armani...It proved to me that there is a real market for good-looking, well-made men's body wear.

With my team we have spent time working on the fit, the fabric and the style to ensure the product looks and feels the very best and I am hugely proud of the end result. I can't wait to show people the collection - although I'm not sure my mum will be too happy seeing a billboard image of me in underwear again.

David Beckham was spotted hanging with Kate Middleton, and her husband Prince William of Wales, in Los Angeles while the Royal couple toured California. The Royal couple completed their first official tour to North America last week, which included a trip to Canada and the States.

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