Arsenal have mounted a comeback against AC Milan in the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16 match, at Emirates Stadium on Tuesday.

It's 3-0 after 45 minutes. AC Milan currently lead on aggregate, 4-3.

Defender Laurent Koscielny scored a header goal off a cornerkick from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the seventh minute.

In the 26th minute, winger Theo Walcott found Thomas Rosicky who buried it in the bottom corner of net. Robin van Persie followed that up with a strike in the 43rd minute.

Arsenal have taken six shots, with five on goal, while AC Milan have managed only two shots, with none on goal.

Here is Koscielny's goal from the first half:

Arsenal 1-0 AC Milan by jimbrasalonso

Here is Rosicky's goal:

Arsenal 2-0 AC Milan by hihi2com

Arsenal 3 - 0 AC Milan # R. van Persie by golofanz