Two days removed from twin bombs killing three and injuring scores more at it's famed marathon, Boston sports fans came together for the first time since, as the Bruins played the Buffalo Sabres Wednesday night, in an inspiring display of patriotism and unity.

The pre-game started like any other, with featured singer Rene Rancourt and the Boston Fire Department Honor Guard starting the National Anthem. From there, the crowd of 17,565 took over.

American flags and “Boston Strong” signs were flashed throughout the TD Garden, and many fans were near tears at the resiliency and spirit of the city.

The score of the game ended up 3-2 in favor Buffalo after the shootout, but most any member of the audience probably felt Boston won.

The video below shows the fans taking over at around the 0:47 mark, and Rancourt conducting the rest of the way through.