LAS VEGAS — Not only are humans and robots getting in on the tech action this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, but also pampered pets. A niche gadget market has opened up catering to pet owners.

For those worried about Fido's location, there are wearables no bigger than a doggie treat such as Tractive's line of GPS Pet Trackers. Combined with the accompanying mobile app, owners can get a real-time read on their pet's location, as well as see a 24-hour history of their whereabouts. You can even create a virtual fence within your home or around your property and have the app alert you the instant a pet crosses it.

For the stylish pet personal trainer in us all, there's the WonderWoof BowTie. The Bluetooth connected device and companion app attaches to a collar and not only tracks how active your pet is in real-time, but also offers a visual guide to how much exercise they should be getting based on their breed, size and age — every time your dog completes one-tenth of its daily required activity, a dog bone appears on the app. You can connect with other dog enthusiasts in the area, too.

While the app has been around for two years, the BowTie, which retails for $95, was released through its website and in select locations this past October and will be available soon through Best Buy and Amazon. And fear not felines, WonderMeow is now in development.

Princess Fiona wows the crowd at the Sands Convention Center earning herself food by playing an interactive electronic game on her dog dish. CleverPet markets what it claims is the world's first game console for dogs to keep their minds active.

It comes equipped with three buttons that light up — when the dog pushes them in a certain way, out pops a treat. Soon, like most electronic games, the user gets hooked into playing more and the game becomes harder.

An accompanying app allows the owner and CleverPet staff to track how well they're doing, and software upgrades ensure that the pup never runs out of new games to play.