Articles by Eric Gonon
Man Plays Pokemon in NYC

Retailers Lure Customers With Pokemon GO

Some retailers are trying to cash in on the Pokémon Go craze by paying for "lure modules," which put images of Pokemon characters in their shops to attract players into their businesses.
Lincoln Navigator Concept 2016 NY Auto Show

Luxury SUVs Are Big At NY Auto Show

Luxury SUVs grabbed the spotlight at the New York International Auto Show, as carmakers place their bets on the highly profitable vehicles.

Watch FIFA Rogues Gallery In 70 Seconds

As soccer's global governing body votes in a new president, watch a gallery of high-ranking officials booted from soccer amid the sport's bribery and corruption scandal of the past year.

Famous Faces Of Davos 2016

Welcome to Davos, where the elite meet and greet in the Swiss ski resort town. Take a look at the actors, leaders and entrepreneurs we have seen at the World Economic Forum 2016.
CES 2016 crowd walks the halls

CES Wraps Up With Record Attendance: Watch Video Highlights

A look at the best videos from CES 2016 in Las Vegas, including the rise of Chinese companies at CES, big screen TVs, the connected home, the proliferation of drones, a number of new virtual reality headsets and many developments in self-driving and electric cars.
Dog Tech

Video: Products For Your Pooch At CES

Plenty of things to pamper your pet are being hawked at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Watch as Princess Fiona impresses the crowd by playing an electronic game to earn herself doggie treats.
Health Wearables

Video: Health Wearables At CES 2016

From monitoring biometric data to tracking weight loss, we look at health wearables for the heart and soul at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in Las Vegas.

Paris, One Week Later: VIDEO

Parisians and tourists pay respects to the 130 people killed across the city in attacks linked to the Islamic State group.