The anticipation for Saturday night’s UFC featherweight title fight lasted much longer than the actual fight did.

It took Conor McGregor (19-2-0, 7-0 UFC) just 13 seconds to knock out Jose Aldo (25-2-0, 7-1 UFC) and take the UFC featherweight championship away from the Brazilian on Saturday night at UFC 194 in Las Vegas. Aldo was previously the only champion the division had ever known.

Just seconds after the fight began Aldo approached the Irishman, lunging forward with a punch combination. Although Aldo’s left fist eventually struck, it wasn’t before McGregor countered with a flashing left hand that stunned the former champion. Aldo fell to the mat and after a couple of McGregor hammer punches, the fight was suddenly over as quickly as it began.

McGregor had predicted earlier in the week that Aldo would walk right into one of his left hooks and the fight would be over hastily. "I see these shots, I see these sequences and I believe in them,” McGregor told reporters after the fight. “I knew he would overextend and I knew I'd catch him so Mystic Mac strikes again.”

McGregor feels that even if the fight had gone longer, the result would’ve been the same. "I would have preferred if it stretched out just a little bit longer for all that it has been through but I still feel the same process would have happened,” McGregor explained. Timing beats speed, precision beats power."

Aldo called for a rematch before leaving the cage but the new champion won’t be so quick to grand such a request, if at all. McGregor says he will take the holiday season to let a plan form and decide his next move. “I'm going to sit back in the shadows over Christmas and plot and I'll come back in the New Year with something for you all."