There are plenty of ways to get a signed jersey from a famous athlete, and most of them don’t involve breaking a limb.

But pre-teen football fan Charlie Silverwood received a signed Real Madrid kit after a wayward free kick from superstar Cristiano Ronaldo sailed into the stands and broke the 11-year-old’s wrist in two places.

Roughly six minutes into Madrid’s friendly match against English second tier club Bournemouth, Ronaldo fired off the errant free kick that flew over the net and hit Silverwood’s left hand.

Based off the video below, Silverwood was in pain but stayed for the rest of the match. Afterward, he offered surprisingly mature and lighthearted commentary on the incident.

“It’s one of the most spectacular ways you can get your arm broken,” Silverwood said according to SkyNews. “I’d say I prefer doing it this than falling out a tree like my dad did it.

"You wouldn't expect this to happen to anybody. If I hadn't put my left hand up, took the brunt of the force on my palm, I'd have ended up with no front teeth."

Madrid would win the match 6-0, with Ronaldo scoring two goals. The Spanish giants continued their summer tour with a 2-2 with Lyon on Wednesday, and next face Ligue 1 champs Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday in France.