Fans tuning into Sunday’s Super Bowl will get more than just a glimpse of a superstar from the other brand of football, with David Beckham set to strip off in a commercial for H&M.

The soccer star, who famously starred in a risqué ad during the 2012 Super Bowl, will again look to get pulses racing and social media fluttering, when promoting his Bodywear line of underwear.

To get excitement going before the big event, H&M shot two versions of the commercial and is offering fans the opportunity to vote for which one they want to see in its entirety. Each involves Beckham getting locked out of a studio during a photo shoot and imaginatively having to make his was back in while dressed only his briefs. In the teaser for the aptly named “Uncovered” version, Beckham uses his shirt to zip line down to a back door before getting his underwear hooked off to leave nothing to the imagination. Early voting, unsurprisingly, suggests that it will be this version that gets shown on game day ahead of the less racy “Covered” option.

Swedish clothing manufacturer H&M have spent a cool $4 million on the ad and will be hoping that it will match the success of its 2012 installment, which was the number one ranked commercial on social media with 109,000 comments, according to Forbes. Once again, they appear to be the only retailer to have bought a coveted spot during the Super Bowl, which will this year be screened by Fox.

In conjunction with the commercial, on Saturday fans will have the chance to meet Beckham at H&M’s flagship Times Square store, across the water from where the Super Bowl will take place the following day at MetLife Stadium.

While he retired from soccer last year, the former LA Galaxy, Manchester United and Real Madrid winger has been keeping himself busy. Most notably, Beckham is heavily involved in trying to bring a Major League Soccer franchise to Miami, with plans ongoing to find a site for a stadium and have a team up and running by 2017.