Nine games into his major league career and Los Angeles Dodgers phenom rightfielder Yasiel Puig has already become a target.

The electrifying rookie power hitter Puig was beaned in the nose by Arizona Diamondbacks starter Ian Kennedy in the bottom of the sixth inning of Tuesday night’s game at Dodger Stadium, prompting a series of events that saw both benches later clear in the seventh inning.

Once Puig was hit the benches and bullpens came out, but with no punches or pushing.

Then L.A. starter Zach Greinke hit Diamondback Miguel Montero in the top of the seventh. Both sides were warned by home plate umpire Clint Fagan but clearly they did not heed those warnings.

Kennedy then hit Greinke in the head in the bottom of the seventh, and a scrum broke out that nearly spilled into the stands. Puig was incensed and led the charge towards Arizona, while Dodgers hitting coach Mark McGwire along with manager Don Mattingly also got in the mix with Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson and third base coach Matt Williams.

Arizona hitting coach Turner Ward and reliever Ronald Belisario along with Kennedy, Puig, Gibson, and McGwire were all ejected after umpires regained control.

In 34 at-bats the Cuban-born Puig has already hit four home runs with 10 RBI, with a .471 average and .882 slugging.

There has been no word of suspensions, but the league will review the game tape.

The Dodgers ended up winning 5-3 after scoring three runs in the eighth.

Greinke and the Dodgers were involved in another brawl earlier this season with the San Diego Padres. The $147 million starter broke his collar bone after getting in a scuffle with Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin.

The video below shows all three incidents from last night in order.