Have you ever wished that doctor would appear in a blink of an eye without having to wait or spend thousands of dollars? A new project launched today in Miami offers video medical consultations for $40 with webcams available through MDWebLive.com.

MDWebLive.com is owned by AmeriGroup Holdings Inc., a company that is revolutionizing changing medical consultations intended for use with non-urgent healthcare related issues such as mild infections, hypertension or HIV counseling.

The service allows patients the opportunity to interact with their doctors from home, office, hotel or anywhere else in the world. the company writes in a statement released late Friday.

Patients have to register for an annual membership fee of $99.95 and $40 per televideo consultation. Patients have a headset and camera to allow physicians evaluate their health complaint, just as they do during in-person appointments and make a diagnosis to develop a treatment plan.

Physicians have access to the patient's Electronic Medical Records which are stored during the consultation, however doctors can recommend patients to follow up at an emergency room, urgent care center, or family doctor.

Sessions are recorded allowing patients to review or verify indications. The site coordinates with Quest Diagnostics where doctors can order medical tests. MedMarket Diligence, the leading telehealth research firm, estimated 169 million telemedicine care visits were held in 2003, generating payments of $6.28 billion, the company reported.

The home telemedicine care has proved to increase four times the number of patients seen by a healthcare provider, Americangroup Holdings said on a statement.