The old saying goes, Life is too short to hold a grudge.

Those words didn't seem to apply to two 73-year-old former football players when a recent Canadian Football League luncheon turned physical.

After CFL Hall of Famers Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca were introduced, Mosca said stick it up your ass when the moderator brought up reliving the moments of a title game that took place 48 years ago, and as Kapp walked towards Mosca with a flower that he put in Mosca's face.

Mosca didn't seem to like the flower thrust to his nose. What followed was Kapp and Mosca taking short swings at each other. Mosca then swung his cane at Kapp, who responded by throwing a right-handed punch at Mosca.

After the fight was broken up, Kapp asked the audience about sportsmanship. The crowd called out to Kapp to let it go and he replied that he was trying to let it go.

The bad blood between Kapp and Mosca dates back to the 1963 Grey Cup when the BC Lions met the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. In the game, Mosca, a defensive lineman for the Tiger Cats, gave what was perceived as a dirty hit on running back Willie Fleming. After the game, Kapp, of the Lions, refused to shake Mosca's hand.

Here's a look at the fight between the senior citizens: