Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a target for attack from some of his rival the GOP debate in Las Vegas. Paul Chapman reports.

Video Transcript:

The Republicans' last debate of the year in Las Vegas was a lively affair in a city famed for heavyweight boxing matches.

Donald Trump came under fire from some of his rivals, some of whom afterwards blamed the media for giving him the spotlight as former New York Governor George Pataki did.

"The more outrageous and stupid things he says the more media attention he gets and it's impacting the race."

"I know that all of you think you're journalists but you're run by a business and the business is there to make money and Donald Trump makes you all money so that's why you're talking about him," said former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

Trump clashed sharply during a debate on national security with Jeb Bush who called him a 'chaos candidate'.

Afterwards Trump brushed off the criticism, saying Bush was having a tough time in the polls.

"You know, I really enjoyed this evening. I think Jeb tries very hard. He's having a hard time, let's face it."

Trump's caused outrage with some of his presidential campaign comments, including a proposal to stop Muslims entering the U.S. after the San Bernadino mass shooting by a Muslim couple.