Decisions, decision -- that’s what the theme of episode 9 will be about when “Vikings” airs “The Choice” on Thursday, April 24. According to the upcoming episode’s synopsis, fans of the History Channel hit can anticipate watching Ragnar and his Viking warriors march onward toward King Ecbert’s villa. However, unbeknownst to the Earl of Kattegat is that King Horik’s men had attacked the son of King Ecbert and his soldiers from behind the trees. Sneaky, sneaky! Looks like Ragnar isn’t the only one who can make decisions on his own.

See, Ragnar has no desire to fight King Ecbert. All he wants to do is just farm, darn it! But King Horik keeps nagging his alley about “getting revenge” on King Ecbert for the surprise attack that happened when they first raided Wessex. And because of the red headed King’s brutal approach of vengeance, Ragnar and his family will reap the repercussions of his savage ways.

On the Vikings journey to the kingdom of Wessex, the pagans will be greeted with a surprisingly vicious welcome party. We guess King Ecbert got wind of King Horik’s attack—and we don’t think he’s very thrilled that his son’s life was threatened. “After a bloody battle both sides must come to new terms,” the summary of episode 9 continues.

Both sides? Is that in reference to the Northman vs. Wessex or Ragnar vs. King Horik? We have a feeling it’s the latter. The Earl and King have been butting heads since King Horik asked Ragnar to exclude Jarl Borg from their raid. But Ragnar won’t get bullied anymore by the higher ranked Viking, which is why we see his hesitation in the preview for “The Choice” on the battlefield.

“The enemy is there. We have the advantage of the hill. Forward,” King Horik orders. While some Vikings obey his command others look to Ragnar for reassurance. And it looks as if they won’t get any. Not from the Earl of Kattegat, at least.

“The Gods are with us. Forward!” King Horik shouted at Ragnar and his warriors. But like we said before, Ragnar isn’t taking orders from anyone in episode 9.

“Wall!” Ragnar screams opposing orders at the soldiers. Unfortunately, Floki isn’t one of them. The shipbuilder runs off to follow King Horik. But Ragnar can’t worry about Floki -- even though they have one of the most tumultuous of bromances we’ve ever seen. He has to protect his family. Lagertha, Bjorn and Rollo heed to the Earl’s order, shielding themselves and preparing to fight.

During the battle we see many fall. Including a character that looks like Lagertha. But we doubt the shield madden will be taken out. She’s one heck of a fighter!

What do you think will happen in episode 9 of “Vikings”? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions.