The “Vikings” are back! And they’re causing more drama than ever in episode 8, “Boneless.” The anticipated episode begins with Princess Aslaug enduring the most painful labor we’ve ever witnessed. Oh yeah, even more painful than Katherine Heigl in “Knocked Up.”

Fat tears rolled down Aslaug’s face as she attempted to push the little life out of her. But in a moment of weakness, the Princess faints. Siggy runs to her side and whispers encouraging words into her ear, telling her to chose life and finish birthing the baby. Eventually Ragnar’s wife awakens and pushes the baby out.

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“It’s alive. It’s a boy,” Siggy reveals. Ragnar stands anxiously by. Prior to the birth scene, Princess Aslaug warned Siggy that she was to give birth to a “monster.” And we’ve been waiting on the edge of our seats to find out what that means.

“Vikings” then cuts to a scene between King Horik and Lagertha.

“We must prepare to go to Wessex,” the King says. Lagertha, however, is not one to be rushed. She explains that she still needs to prepare an army and her ships. When Horik questions her further, Bjorn jumps in to get his mom’s back.

At that moment, Porunn, a slave girl, runs to the trio informing them that Aslaug has bore a son.

“Who are you? Who are you to my son?” Lagertha inquisitively asks the beautiful girl.

“She is a servant. A slave,” Bjorn replies holding her hand. ”And I’m in love with her.” Looks like Mama Lagertha might become a Mama In Law!

After the grand news of his son’s birth is announced, fans get to see a bone chilling moment of Ragnar biting off his son’s umbilical cord. Yeah, it was gross. The Earl of Kattegat spits out the bloody tissue before saying to his wife and says, “After all, your prophecy was right.” So, how is this adorable little baby a “monster”? Viewers were kept on the edge of their seats until the second half of episode 8 aired.

Baby talk was cut short when “Vikings” aired a sexy scene between Rollo and Bjorn. The uncle/nephew duo practiced their fighting skills—shirtless.

“Always remember to finish you opponent,” Rollo advised his brother’s son.

“Your mother is an amazing woman,” Rollo says off topic.

“I know. You were in love with her once,” Bjorn replies.

 “Those feelings are wasted,” Rollo explained.

Bjorn then goes deep saying no love is wasted if the God’s have something to do with it.

Touching, right? But not as emotional as the scene between Ragnar and Aslaug. With his son’s deformity still unknown, the Earl of Kattegat suggests to his wife of putting their son out of his misery. He compares their lifestyle to animals and his monster of a boy to a runt. Aslaug is beside herself and refuses to even entertain the thought.

That’s when Ragnar decides to take matters—and life—into his own hands. He steals his son from his sleep and brings him down to the river bank.

“There’s no other way. There’s no other way my son,” Ragnar says tearfully. The family man then holds a blade to his son’s throat. But he’s unable to kill the newborn. That’s when Aslaug finds her little one squirming by the river.

Ragnar isn’t the only one threatening the lives of family members in episode 8. In “Boneless” fans are introduced to a new character: Princess Kwenthrith. The brown haired beauty is the daughter of the King of Mercia and is currently the woman King Ecbert needs in conquering the feuding land.

Vikings Season 2 spoilers The mystery woman who flirts with Athelstan rides into King Ecbert's kingdom. Photo: Vikings

The princess is welcomed to Wessex with a big feast. Athelstan catches her eye and informs her that he was a monk. That’s when King Ecbert adds Athelstan’s adventurous past of getting captured by Northman and living amongst the Vikings.

“I’ve heard that the pagans sacrifice human beings. Is that true?” the princess questioned.

“Every nine years,” he replied.

“And are they naked?” she asked. “I heard they make love to whoever they chose.”

“They have a different morality to us,” Athelstan responded.

“Is it not more natural?” she teases. Athelstan then has a vision of himself kissing the princess but holds onto his crucifix for strength.

Lagertha displayed more courage than ever before in episode 8 when she returns home. And low and behold, lightening decided to strike twice. While in the tub, Lagertha felt the sense that someone was watching her.

“Come in, Einar,” she says.

He slithers into her bath chambers and reveals that it’s time Lagertha owns up to her half of the bargain. Apparently, Einar believed that if he killed Sigvard then Lagertha would become the new Earl and his wife. But she responds that she made no such deal with him or anybody.

That’s when Einar grabs Lagertha.

“If you don’t let me enjoy you, I’ll open your face,” he threatens. Come on, Einar. Don’t you know what Lagertha is capable of? The blond beauty doesn’t respond well to sexual assault. We wouldn’t be surprised if Einar started walking around with no eyes.

“The only person you could kill is a dying man. That’s how brave you are,” she insulted him.

After Lagertha’s “oh-snap” of a diss, fans finally get to find out what’s wrong with baby Ivar. And you better believe it has something to do with the episode title. Siggy tells Aslaug that she can’t keep her son locked away from the world. That’s when the princess pulls back Ivar’s covers to reveal her son was born without bones in his legs, dubbing him Ivar The Boneless by his father.

“Ragnar was right. This child will never walk. By the gods you must put him out to die,” Siggy blunted stated.

“Thank you for your good advice. But I’d rather die myself then take it,” Aslaug strongly responded.

“Vikings” then takes a turn for the hot and heavy when the History Channel series shows a raunchy scene between Princess Kwenthrith and King Ecbert. Unfortunately the King isn’t able to keep up with the lively princess. She asks for Athelstan to be sent to her room but instead King Ecbert gives her a slew of warriors.

While King Ecbert’s warriors get wrapped up in Princess Kwenthrith, the Vikings prepare for their journey west. The pray, sharpen their tools and say goodbye to their loved ones.

“I should not talk to you. Many do not wish it,” Bjorn says to Porunn. “But what does it matter I’ll probably die in battle.” Romantic, Bjorn. Romantic.

Something must have struck a chord in Porunn because next thing we know she’s confessing her love to Bjorn.

While en route to Wessex, we witness King Horik try to break up the bromance going on between Floki and Ragnar. He tells the shipbuilder that he’s worth ten Earls.

“How is Ragnar treating you these days?” King Horik pries.

“He treats me well enough,” Floki answered.

“If you decide to build boats for me, I’d treat you  like a king,” King Horik attempts to bribe.

“You think you could buy me with riches?” Floki said almost disgusted.

“I wouldn’t insult you like that. I want your ideas. They’re worth more than gold and silver. They come form the gods,” King Horik buttered the eyeliner-donning Viking up.

As the Vikings reach land, King Ecbert is informed of their arrival.

“Your friends have returned,” the King says to Athelstan. “I hope I can negotiate with Ragnar. He struck me as different. Intelligent.”

“He will listen to reason,” Athelstan said.

“Good. But if not I will fight him. Whatever happens I will not be defeated.,” King Ecbert says. Little does he know Lagertha, Bjorn and Rollo have the Earl’s back this time.

Once the Vikings get settled in Wessex, Ragnar suddenly becomes overwhelmed with power. Without consulting with his allies, he sends a messenger to alert King Ecbert of their arrival. King Horik is pretty peeved off and Lagertha doesn’t blame him.

“You should have discussed it with us. King Horik is right,” she said.

“Let me tell you what to expect,” King Horik yelled. “King Ecbert will try to trick us or send some army to try an annihilate us.”

Ironically, it was the other way around. After King Ecbert’s son attempts to greet the Vikings and set up a meeting between the powerhouses, his group is attacked on their ride home by King Horik’s men and his very own son.

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