Our favorite bearded boys are back! And they’re angrier than ever—or at least, that’s the vibe we got when “Vikings” aired its episode 4 tonight, March 20. So, what exactly happen when “An Eye or an Eye” premiered? Well, let’s just say that the episode was appropriately named as the History Channel characters each try and enforce the law of human equality—or lack thereof.

The opening scene of “Vikings” didn’t waste any time showing fans the fate of Rollo, Siggy, Aslaug and her boys. The surviving group, who fled to the mountain during Jarl Borg’s attack, has been hiking in hopes of finding a place to settle. But Princess Aslaug isn’t too happy with her new, “and disgusting,” accommodations.

“Everything is so dirty here,” we hear Ragnar’s wife complain.

“You are safe here. Your children are safe here. I know this is not what you’re used too but you will get used to it. Life is not a walk across an open field,” Siggy advised.

While Ragnar’s family suffers under harsh conditions, Borg tries to gain the trust of those who survived the massacre.

“In me, you’ll find a fair ruler,” he told the people of Kattegat. “I was to see [this land] flourish. There will be no protest against my rule. There will be no law—except mine.” Borg then offered treasures to those who could point him in the direction of Ragnar’s family.

But before setting out on his journey to end Ragnar’s bloodline, the revenge-seeking Viking looked to the village’s wise one to learn his own fate

“I like to know what will happen to me,” he asked.

The wise one explained that Borg’s destiny is an eagle.

“An eagle is a good sign. A good sign from the gods,” Borg said.

Just as the Viking left, the old man toyed with an eagle skull. Looks like Borg’s future isn’t as bright as he thought. And that’s probably because Ragnar will be back in his life sooner than he thought.

After Ragnar and King Ecbert have an interesting meeting—taken place in a Jacuzzi—the Viking hear alarming horns.

“I have grave news to give to Ragnar,” a messenger proclaimed. He explained that Borg has seized Ragnar’s land and that the Earl’s family has fled due to the massacre.

With that said, Ragnar rushes to pack his belongings and return home.

“I must find my family,” Ragnar said to his group. Horik reveals that he has no intention to return to Kattegat and would even like to keep Athelstan with him. The spunky Viking agrees to stay, which surprised Ragnar. Turns out that was probably not the best decision for Athelstan. When Ragnar and his men set out to sea, Athelstan endures watching King Horik and his men terrorize women of Wessex. Hearing their painful screams, he resides to a tent where he looks at a bible and sees blood pouring from the pages.

But Athelstan isn’t the only one having visions. Aslaug, who has been known to prophesize, also spotted Ragnar in the fields three days before his arrival. This lady has some serious talent.

One of the most exciting scenes of episode 4 is when Bjorn gets wind of his father’s troubles. The strong lad informs his mother of his plan to help his father fight. Lagertha decides to join her son’s efforts and even reaches out to the Earl Sigvard of Scandinavia for help. She explains that his land could be seized next, but Sigvard has no interest of talking about his wife’s ex-husband.

“He used to own your body. Now I own it,” he said attacking her.

Being the fighter she is, Lagertha managed to escape his clutches and puts him in his place.

After what we’re sure was a long boat ride for Ragnar, the worried Viking eventually returns home. He finds his family and reveals to Rollo his desire to make Borg suffer the way he made his family suffer.

Rollo informs his heated sibling that there’s no way for them to defeat to Borg with no men to back them up. That’s when we see a group of warriors riding  up the mountain. Floki is convinced it’s Borg ready to finish them off, but Ragnar follows his gut feeling and meets the group halfway.

“It’s been a long time,” Ragnar says to his ex-wife Lagertha.

“I heard of your trouble. I brought these warriors to help you,” she replied.

Ragnar then spots a burly boy walking towards him, immediately wrapping his arms around the fighter.

“I always knew in my heart that I would see you again. But I never guessed it would be under such circumstances,” Ragnar cried to Bjorn.

The boy revealed it was the fate of the Gods who brought him back together with his father at such a crucial moment. That’s when Ragnar checks out his son’s strong physique.

“Seems your mother and I have produced a son both strong and wise,” he said. Can’t forget tall, Ragnar!

We’ve been waiting for this rather son reunion ever since the season began! What was your favorite part of “An Eye for an Eye”? Let us know in the comments section below.