With the hit History Channel series “Vikings” on hiatus until 2015, fans of the Michael Hirst drama are left to twiddle their thumbs, contemplating the scandalous cliffhangers the showrunner left us from the Season 2 finale:

- What will Ragnar do now that he’s the king?

- Will King Horik’s son seek vengeance for his family’s murder?

- What’s really going on between Floki and Ragnar?

And while those are questions we so desperately want answered, there’s an even bigger one causing our legs to shake in anticipation: Will Lagertha and Ragnar ever rekindle their relationship?

During Season 1, fans watched Ragnar betray his loyal wife as he laid with Princess Aslaug during a raid. The prophet-speaking royal then showed off her swollen belly when she made her surprising arrival to the shores of Kattegat in Season 2. And from the looks of Lagertha’s face, it didn't seem as if the shield maiden was thrilled about throwing her husband's mistress a baby shower.

That’s why she decided to divorce her husband, leaving her title and her life behind.

“You insult and humiliate me. I have no choice but to leave you and divorce you. It’s fate,” she said with tears in her eyes.

The years pass without Ragnar and Lagertha ever seeing one another, until one day when Lagertha hears of her ex-husband’s troubles. She and her now-grown son pay the Earl a visit in episode 4 of Season 2 to help seize his land from the menacing Jarl Borg.

“It’s been a long time,” Ragnar says to his ex-wife Lagertha. “I heard of your trouble. I brought these warriors to help you,” she replied. So, why did Lagertha come back to help the man who broke her heart? Well, according to Katheryn Winnick, Ragnar is Lagertha’s “true love.”

“Lagertha and Ragnar have a mutual respect for one another because they’re both fighters, they’re both farmers and they grew up together,” Winnick said during a Gold Derby Google+ Hangout. “So, I think that relationship is indestructible if anything. If anything, it can’t be replaced… no matter who he’s with.”

Does that mean fans can expect Lagertha and Ragnar to revive the relationship they once had?

“I just read the new script last night,” she explained, adding that Season 3 is currently in the works. “There is interest. I think Lagertha is interested and I think Ragnar is also in the picture and I guess you’re going to have to wait and see!”

So, what does this mean for Princess Aslaug? Will she be cast to the side or could Ragnar finally get the polygamist relationship he had always hoped for? Take the poll below of who you think Ragnar should be with in Season 3. We know who we’re voting for!