Vikings season 3 spoilers
Will King Horik's son, Erlendur, seek vengeance on Ragnar for killing his family? Jonathan Hession

The Season 2 finale of the hit History Channel series, “Vikings,” may have aired earlier this month, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating over what will happen when Season 3 premieres in 2015. Yeah, that's right… 2015.

Why the long hiatus? Well, it’s because the mastermind of the historical drama is in the middle of creating a season that will truly blow you away. Seriously, if you thought Season 2 was jaw-dropping, just wait until you see what Michael Hirst has up his sleeve for the third installment.

But it looks like you won’t have to wait that long considering Hirst is open to discussing what’s in the future for the Vikings. And why shouldn’t he be? The “spoilers” for Season 3 are all over the Web – you, know because the show is based on events that already happened! Spoiling Season 3 would be like spoiling what happened at the end of the Revolutionary War.

And because of the lack of surprises in his script, Hirst has to get creative in thinking of ways to shock his audience. For instance, adding his own twist to the acclaimed series. If you haven’t noticed, he is no stranger to throwing in his own shocking additions to the plot like cooking up new enemies for Ragnar to face. Excuse us, we mean King Ragnar.

Now that Ragnar has taken the crown, he’ll be facing more foes than ever as they start creeping out of the woodwork. But out of all the rivals, there’s one Viking in particular that Hirst said Ragnar should watch out for: Erlendur.

Erlendur is the only surviving child of King Horik and Queen Gunnhild. His entire family was murdered during a brawl between the King of Denmark and the legendary Norse ruler, which took place during the Season 2 finale and yeah, you could say the little prince is angry.

After Ragnar spared his life, it’s going to be interesting to see how Erlendur evolves following the brutal murder of his family. Will he take out all his frustration on the new king?

“There is an American version of ‘Vikings,’ and then there is a European/world version, which is longer and has other scenes in it,” Hirst explained. “Anyway, Erlendur has been impressed by the idea of going to farm in England. And in his pocket he has a handful of mud, earth from England. When Ragnar sees him with this handful of dirt, he knows that he’s thinking along the same lines, that they’re connected in some way. So he spares him. But, of course, that turns out to be a terrible decision in the end.”

Is Hirst foreshadowing a standoff between King Horik’s son and King Ragnar? We know the young boy has moxie, but there’s no way he could ever win a battle over the former Earl. But with that said, why would it be a “terrible decision in the end” for Ragnar to spare Erlendur ? Is it possible that Ragnar could be defeated by the revenge-seeking lad? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more Season 3 scoops from “Vikings.”