Looks like the Northmen won’t be the only ones preparing for battle when "Vikings" Season 4 premieres on the History Channel. According to a sneak-peek video of the upcoming premiere, Princess Gisla (Morgane Polanski) will also brace herself for combat in episode 1, titled “A Good Treason.”

But who will Princess of Frankia be sharpening her sword for? Well, according to the trailer, Gisla is gearing up for her wedding night, which is to be spent with the man of her nightmares, Rollo (Clive Standen). In the premiere, set to air on Thursday, Feb. 18, audiences will watch as the two exchange vows in addition to witness their chaotic wedding night.

As Rollo strips off his clothes in the promo video, tears begin to stream down Gisla’s face. The Princess has been quite vocal about her disdain towards Rollo since her father revealed she was to marry him in the Season 3 finale. But despite all the cruel things Gisla has said about Rollo, he is charmed by her passion and courage.

“You are my wife,” he says to her in the sneak-peek video. “No need to be afraid.”

But Gisla isn’t afraid — she’s disgusted that she has been coerced to sleep with the enemy. When “Vikings” left off, Emperor Charles (Lothair Bluteau) had attempted to end the northerners’ brutal attack on Paris by offering his daughter’s hand in marriage to Rollo. He hoped this would gain the favor of the pagans and end their reign of terror on his kingdom.

Although Gisla's love for her country runs deep, marrying Rollo is something she cannot stomach. And so on her wedding night, she threatens to kill her husband by holding a knife to his throat. But Rollo laughs at his bride's murderous attempt and shrugs it off as he prepares for sleep.

“Goodnight, my wife,” he says unfazed by the fact that the woman lying next to him wants his blood.

“Vikings” will air its Season 4 premiere on Thursday, Feb. 18, at 10 p.m. EST on History Channel.