It’s never too early to start searching for spoilers, right? Well, that’s exactly what we did once the Season 2 finale of “Vikings” aired on May 1. As soon as the final scene from the sophomore season concluded, we immediately took to the Internet to try and figure out what was in store for our favorite bearded and braided Nordic beauties in Season 3. And to our surprise, we found quite a lot of information! From shocking time jumps to bloody new raids, Hirst wasn’t shy about filling fans in what to expect come 2015.

In addition to giving Season 3 clues, Hirst and the cast went back in time to help explain pivotal scenes from Season 2, in hopes of unraveling confusing moments, during their interview with the Television Academy. One of the most confusing moments for us was the final twist of Season 2. We knew Floki would never betray Ragnar. It was evident that he was totally playing the king like a bone flute. But what we didn’t understand is why everyone was in on his plan, including Siggy, except his wife, Helga.

Was it just us or did the scene of Floki telling Helga to leave Kattegat remind anyone else of “Airbud”? You get the reference, right? It’s when little Josh begs Buddy to leave but the dog refuses. That’s when Josh starts telling the pup to “get” with tears rolling down his cheeks. Emotional stuff, guys.

With that said, we just couldn’t understand why Floki was lying to Helga about his plot to expose King Horik of his true intentions.

“When people go back and watch those episodes again, there will be clues,” HitFix reported Gustaf Skarsgard’s revelation on the season’s most climatic moment. “Floki Method acted his way through this. This is vast mafia s---. He couldn't tell his wife, because if she knew, she could be tortured."

Floki the carpenter, Floki the father, Floki the husband! We always knew he was a good guy. For more scoop on “Vikings” check out a video from the casts’ special appearance during the FYC Event here!