Vikings season 2 finale spoilers
Read our recap of the Season 2 finale of "Vikings" and find out what happened in episode 10, "The Lord's Prayer." Vikings

Did you happen to catch tonight’s Season 2 finale of “Vikings”? We did. And we can’t believe what went down during episode 10, “The Lord’s Prayer.” But if you happened to miss the final episode of the season, don’t go swinging your battle-axe in a fit of rage. We’ve recapped the entire jaw-dropping episode for you so you can stay up-to-date with your “Vikings” knowledge.

The episode began with Helga walking on the dock while holding a baby. She strides toward Floki, who is sleeping, and when she wakes him, his eyes go wide. Yes, even wider than crazy Jarl Borg.

“We have a child, Helga,” Floki says in shock.

She informs him that it’s a girl. He nervously holds his daughter.

While admiring the little life, Floki strangely asks Helga to “take her back.”

Helga does and asks what they should name her. Floki suggests the name of Loki’s first wife, Angrboða.

“I thought she was evil,” Helga says confused.

“She was a great giantess, Helga,” Floki replies, defending the name.

Floki’s wife then asks the carpenter to go home with his new family but he refuses. He insists that she take their daughter and leave Kattegat. He knows something is about to gown down in Ragnar’s village -- and it’s not going to be pretty.

As Helga leaves Kattegat, someone new enters the village: King Horik’s family. A celebration ensues upon their arrival.

“Ragnar Lothbrok, my friend and alley, let me properly introduce my wife and children,” he began his speech. King Horik continued saying that their villages depend on their alliance. “Between us we’ve accomplished so much. But that is only the beginning. There are many other worlds to discover. And we shall do it together.”

King Horik then tries to close with a joke about Ragnar’s many sons and his many daughters getting married.

During the feast, a lot goes down.

- Lagertha meets King Horik’s wife. Turns out they’re both strong and fierce women.

- Floki approaches King Horik about the proposition he previously offered. But King Horik reveals that he will not spill his scheme because he cannot “entirely trust” the ship builder.

- Bjorn meets up with Porunn. She admits she was in love with Bjorn as a slave. “But now I have choices,” she says. Bjorn shoots back with a terrible comeback about how he can get any woman he desires. “That is your first mistake,” she replies.

- King Horik and Siggy chat but the red headed King says very little. “My wife is here. My children are here. That’s all you need to know,” he says.

- Floki bumps into Athelstan and bluntly tells the priest that no one wants him back in Kattegat. He says that Athelstan has betrayed the Gods and the Vikings. “It’s your fault Rollo is going to die,” Floki presses.

By the end of the party, Floki is clearly drunk. King Horik seeks the opportunity to talk it up with the vulnerable carpenter. He tells Floki that he needs proof of his loyalty and that in order to prove himself, he needs to kill someone “with importance.”

Hours pass until King Horik approaches the Viking and asks him if he made up his mind of whom he will slay.

“I know who I will kill,” Floki responds.

Fans then see Floki climbing the mountains. He’s sniffing around for mushrooms. Yikes! Are they poisonous?

Episode 10 then cuts to a scene of Kattegat’s most elite chatting around the table. They’re arguing over how they should precede in the future regarding Wessex, farming, etc.… “Those who wish to farm should do so,” Lagertha said, adding that those who plant should seek out King Ecbert’s protection. “But those who want to raid should do else where.” That’s something King Horik definitely doesn’t want to hear. He’s been looking for vengeance against King Ecbert for quite a few episodes now.

While the grownups talk, Floki pays Rollo a visit. He tells Siggy to take a break from watching over the injured Viking so she can get some well-deserved sleep.

“You deserve it. I will watch him.”

When Siggy leaves Floki breaks out the shrooms we saw him pick. Before shoving the strange vegetation in Rollo’s mouth, the carpenter says something eerie bout how Ragnar’s brother once put him in a hospital bed.

“Look it’s the food of the Gods. Eat.” Floki says, forcing Rollo to devour the mushrooms. After swallowing, Rollo is clearly having trouble breathing as he makes terrible noises. Did Floki just poison him?

But Rollo isn’t the only one who got to snack on Floki’s treat. The shifty shipbuilder also gave Torstein a few of the shrooms anonymously. He tells a little boy to deliver the “present,” threatening him that if was to spill it was he who gave Torstein the gift then the young lad would end up like Loki and forever have poison dripping upon his face. Yep, father material right there.

Shortly after the party it is revealed that Torstein has been murdered! The deceased Viking lays dead next to a pile of vomit and blood. Looks like Floki made his choice of whom he wanted to kill.

“We will find the guilty one,” Floki cried, putting on an act for the crowd.

After the show, King Horik approaches Floki telling him that he did well.

“Now I know I can trust you.” King Horik says.

“So, what is your plan?” Floki pries.

“I will kill them all. Ragnar, and Lagertha, Aslaug and all their bastard children,” Horik explains.

“And Bjorn? What of Bjorn?” Floki questions.

“Bjorn Ironside is difficult to kill. Perhaps the God’s are protecting him.” King Horik told Floki to figure out a way to do so. “Be prepared, my friend.”

During the Season 2 finale fans see Princess Aslaug standing with Lagertha on the beach during a storm.

“The Gods are coming,” Aslaug says.

“I know,” Lagertha replies. While the Gods are on their way traveling to Kattegat, Bjorn gets busy attempting to apologize to Porunn.

“Forgive me for what I said. I don’t want other women. I want you. What do you want from me?” he desperately asks.

“Respect,” she says.

“You know I respect you. I worship you. What can I do?” he cries.

“You can fight me.”

Porunn and Bjorn aren’t the only ones having relationship issues. Siggy and Rollo are also struggling in the love department. Still unable to walk, Rollo falls to the ground. Siggy runs to his aid but he pushes her away.

“What do you care if I give up or not?” he says, clearly still angry about her cheating on him.

“Do you want an honest answer? I don’t know. But I think you still might be useful somehow,” Siggy says, leaving an axe for him.

After that, Siggy and King Horik have themselves a little one-on-one. He argues that she never told him Ragnar’s weakness.

“Is it not obvious? Ragnar’s weakness is his children,” she says.

“Then this is what you must do. You must go to the Great Hall at sunset and kill Ragnar’s young sons.” King Horik says. Siggy questions what she’ll get in return.

“I will marry you. I will take a second [wife]. I will make you a queen. You will rule again as you once did,” he said enticing her as he slips a weapon into her hand.

While Siggy ponders her new task, Bjorn and Porunn head into the woods -- to you know, fight.

“What was that?” Bjorn quips after Porunn throws some terrible punches. He begs her to stop but she’s relentless. They both end up bleeding, which is when she runs away. Obviously Bjorn chases after her. While he seeks her out, fans learn that Floki is lurking throughout the tall grass. Unbeknownst to the lovebirds, they have a romantic moment under a tree. During their make out session, Floki keeps a close eye. What a perfect opportunity to kill Bjorn, right?

The next scene we see is King Horik giving his son a weapon. Seriously, it’s like “give-away-a-weapon” day in Kattegat or something. The king tells his boy that one day, if the Gods want, the sword will belong to his boy. He tells gives his son a lecture over how his family must overcome Ragnar’s magic, which apparently threatens them.

But father and son aren’t the only one’s having heart-to-hearts during episode 10. We also see Ragnar and Athelstan embrace a bromantic moment. The two divulge in religion and the priest even gets Ragnar to say a pray. As Ragnar recites the “Our Father,” things start getting out of hand in Kattegat. King Horik’s army arrives, his wife prepares for battle and Siggy gets ahold of Ragnar’s children. What a disaster.

The slaughtering begins and King Horik is of course leading the madness. Rollo can hear the cries of women and men being killed but he’s unable to do anything. Remember he can barely walk. While Rollo is tucked away, Athelstan joins the fight.

But it’s Lagertha who we were most surprised by. She marches with her warriors through the village and head straight to King Horik’s wife. The two braided beauties duke it out but obviously Lagertha proves to be the victor. She spares the life of King Horik’s daughters, though.

During the battle, Bjorn meets up with Floki asking him where he’s been.

“Looking after you, Bjorn, like I promised your father,” he says. Wait; is Floki really on team Lothbrok?

That questioned is answered when King Horik arrives to the Great Hall only to find Torstein alive. Oh yeah, Floki has duped the King.

“Floki, you have betrayed the Gods,” King Horik says.

“No, King Horik. I only betrayed you. I was always true to the God’s and Ragnar,” Ragnar said. Yes, you can start cheering for TV’s greatest bromance!

Ragnar steps out and King Horik asks the Earl is he can find it in his heart not to kill his son.

Instead, King Horik’s boy is forced to watch his father die a painful death. He’s struck many times with a sword -- even the knife he gave Siggy -- and eventually head butted to death by the fuming Earl.

Some of King Horik’s children are killed but Bjorn the Ironside finds the humanity within him -- he must get it from his mother -- to set the remaining survivors free.

The Season 2 finale ends with Ragnar, probably concussed, sitting in a pile of hay contemplating what just went down.

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