When Twitter released the Android version of the Vine app on Monday, it encouraged users to share their feedback. But Twitter wasn’t ready for one 16-year-old developer from Ohio who got around Vine’s six-second limit to RickRoll the entire video looping platform.

In the same day Twitter released Vine for Android, Will Smidlein decompiled the Vine app and re-created the portion that allows users to create posts, add titles and insert images. This allowed him to upload all three and a half glorious minutes of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” before exploiting a bug to post the file Vine’s servers (Smidlein kept this part secret so Vine can patch the app). Just like that, the app designed to host six-second video loops was home to a never-ending RickRoll.

Smidlein told The Verge that he never intended the post to go viral, and took the post down after an engineer at Twitter asked him to with a direct message. However, a friend had already shared the Vine with his network and the RickRoll loop at gone viral. Smidlein later used Twitter to apologize to Vine’s engineers.





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