Certain supporters of Egyptian President Mubarak are getting violent.  In clashes with anti-Mubarak protesters, several of them have charged into their opponents on horseback.  At least one was riding on a camel.  Some Mubarak supporters are also carrying knives and clubs.  

In one scene, a crowd of them charged towards anti-Mubarak protesters and the latter were forced to flee.

All reports and footage are from CNN.

Footage of pro-Mubarak supporters’ charge:

In the latest turn of events, pro-Mubarak crowds have attacked CNN’s primary anchor Anderson Cooper.  

Cooper and his crew were trying to get to the “no man’s land” between pro- and anti-Mubarak camps.  However, they didn’t get far when pro-Mubarak supporters attack Cooper and his crew.  Cooper said he was punched in the head.  

“The crowd was throwing punches, kicks, trying to grab us,” he said.

“Suddenly, a young man would come up, look at you, and punch you in the face.” 

Video of Cooper explaining what happened to him and his crew: