Tuesday's Virginia earthquake was also felt in Toronto, Canada, but on the minds of local officers was the name of a pop star: Justin Bieber.

Nothing's been reported and we are not aware of any major evacuations. Literally nothing has come across our desk. The biggest story for us right now is Justin Bieber; it's a crowd-control issue. Someone found out where he's staying, Toronto Constable Victor Kwong told the National Post.

Fans have gathered outside a hotel in the neighborhood of Yorkville, where Bieber is staying with girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Local reports north of the border confirmed that Tuesday's 5.9 magnitude earthquake reached parts of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and New Brunswick.

Buildings in downtown Toronto were reportedly shaking during the brief quake, resulting in the evacuation of a number of offices, according to City TV.

Toronto police officer Wendy Drummond took to Twitter to confirm the earthquake, which occurred around 2 p.m. EST and tricked to New York City, Rhode Island, Boston and Washington, D.C.

Police received a few calls from the public about their building shaking. Possibly connected to earthquake in Virginia. No reported injuries, Drummond wrote.

The officer was not the only Canadian using social media to comment on the earthquake. Torontonian Lisa Madokoro talked about the quake with a splash of celebrity news.

Will and Jada split up ANNND Toronto experienced an earthquake?? What's the world coming to! she wrote.

Earthquakes Canada called Tuesday's shake-up moderate.

The aftermath in the U.S. has been another story.

Two nuclear reactors in Virginia have since been shut down, while a 26-story federal courthouse in lower Manhattan was evacuated after reports of the building swaying.

No major injuries have been reported from any of the affected areas.