Virtual reality is the new buzzword in the field of consumer electronics technology, and even though it has now been buzzing for quite a while, there is still a dearth of VR content outside of niche areas. But that complaint from VR enthusiasts could soon be a thing of the past with a new product that allows users to create their own VR videos.

Los Angeles company Visionary VR has created a platform — still under development — called Mindshow which it debuted at the just-concluded Virtual Reality Los Angeles convention. The startup says it makes “simple and fun story creation software accessible to anyone.” And Mindshow does that with VR by allowing users to control 3-D characters by embodying them.

A three-step instruction on the software’s website starts with asking users to “set the stage” by “choosing a world to inhabit and decorating it with props.” Once that’s done, users can use their own body and voice to act out to the story, using in-movie characters of their choice. “Everything you do as a character you can record and watch from any angle,” the website says.

Users can then watch the movie or share it with others, who could record their own portions to add to it.

According to TechCrunch, which spoke with Visionary VR’s executives, Mindshow will be rolling out for various VR platforms soon. It is still in the early stages and works on the HTC Vive.