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PepsiCo Acquiring SodaStream For $3.2 Billion

The all-cash deal to buy all outstanding shares of SodaStream would be funded by PepsiCo’s existing funds. The offer price reflects almost 11 percent premium to SodaStream’s Friday closing share price on Nasdaq.

Largest Dinosaur Foot Yet Found

The fossilized foot, a meter wide, was found in Wyoming and belonged to a brachiosaur. However, there existed several other dinosaur species that were much larger in size.
Moon Surface

Was The Moon Inhabited Once?

There may have been not one but two distinct windows of time in the ancient past when conditions were right for the moon to host life on its surface, a study published Monday claims.


US Tops Countries In Food And Clothes Wastage

US Tops Countries In Food And Clothes Wastage: Study

According to the study, people in the U.S. wasted 24 percent of their grocery shopping, 35 percent of their belongings remained unused when they shift from one place to another, and 82 percent of their clothes from the previous year remained unworn.
mexican police

Who Is 'El Mencho'?

Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes has been identified as the most powerful crime figure living today since "El Chapo" got arrested in 2016.