Articles by Himanshu Goenka
Oil Field

China Imported No US Crude Oil In December

Even as the two countries continue negotiations to end the trade war set off by President Donald Trump, China imported a lot more crude oil from Russia than it did from the United States.
Planet Nine

Another Dent In The ‘Planet Nine’ Hypothesis?

A large planet in the outer reaches of the solar system has been hypothesized for years, and the behavior of some small trans-Neptunian objects is often held up as evidence for the existence of ...

PepsiCo Acquiring SodaStream For $3.2 Billion

The all-cash deal to buy all outstanding shares of SodaStream would be funded by PepsiCo’s existing funds. The offer price reflects almost 11 percent premium to SodaStream’s Friday closing share...
Apple Store China

Apple China Blocks 25,000 Apps From App Store

The apps that Apple removed from its App Store in China were in violation of the country’s laws by providing platforms for gambling and selling fake lottery tickets, among others.
Russian Embassy

Russia Slams ‘US Sanctions Assembly Line’

The State Department announced a new set of sanctions Wednesday against Russia for its alleged role in a chemical attack in the United Kingdom. The sanctions are to take effect in about two weeks.
iPhone Tricks

Easy To Use iPhone Shortcuts And Tips

Each new version of Apple’s popular iPhone devices adds new shortcuts and tricks that make using them easier. Here are a few useful ones that you may not know.
Google China

China Has No Plans To Allow Google Back In

A report Wednesday by the Intercept said Google was working on a censored version of its search engine for China that would filter out results and terms the Chinese government wants blacklisted.

Pfizer Investing $465 Million In Michigan

The investment by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, widely known as the maker of Viagra, will also create over 450 jobs in Michigan, the company said in a statement Tuesday.