Vitaminwater is highlighting its reviving and replenishing qualities in the form of a highly creative advertising campaign where people can simply plug in their, phone, Ipad's and gaming devices into a Vitaminwater bus stop advertisement.

These bus stops installed in bus routes in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston are powered with a 5-volt USB charging socket that is fitting with the products ' quick boost' advertising campaign, Discovery News reports.

Consumers have already starting tweeting as they roam their prospective cities on the look out for the advertisements.

In January 2011, the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority ruled that a Summer 2010 advertisement that claimed Vitaminwater was nutritious was misleading due to the high sugar content of the drink.

The ruling banning the advertisement stated: Because Vitamin Water contained about a quarter of a consumer's GDA (guideline daily amount) for sugar as well as the added vitamins, we considered that the description of Vitamin Water as 'nutritious' was misleading, BBC news reported.

The company said its Vitamin Water was nutritious because it contains 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C as well as other vitamins.