A day after reinstating services in Egypt, Vodafone announced today that its network was forced to send mass text messages on behalf of the Mubarak regime in Egypt.

According to a statement released by Vodafone, the Egyptian government has, since the start of the protests, used the Vodafone network to send out messages to Egyptian mobile phones. A Vodafone spokesman was not able to say whether the company was ordered to send the messages itself or if the government simply used the network to send the messages.

These messages are not scripted by any of the mobile network operators and we do not have the ability to respond to the authorities on their content, the statement said.

The messages, which were in favor of the Hosni Mubarak regime, were sent without attribution and implored Egyptians to Preserve this country because the homeland stays forever, according to a report from Wired.

Egypt's youth. Beware rumors and listen to the voice of reason. Egypt is above all so preserve it, another message read.

In Vodafone's statement, the company described the messages and the situation as unacceptable.

We have made clear that all messages should be transparent and clearly attributable to the originator, the statement said.

Vodafone representatives were not able to say when the messages were sent, or how many of them reached Egyptian phones.


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