Although it may seem like “The Voice” just wrapped up by crowning Jordan Smith the winner of Season 9, NBC is getting ready to bring the popular singing competition back next week. Feb. 29 will see the return of “The Voice” for Season 10, starting with an all new crop of contestants, as well as a partially new panel of coaches. 

It was previously reported by Billboard that, despite her new boyfriend Blake Shelton remaining on the panel, Gwen Stefani will not return for Season 10. Instead, she’ll be replaced by former Season 8 coach Christina Aguilera. Now, with the premiere right around the corner, NBC is treating fans to a little behind-the-scenes look at “The Voice” and the dynamic between judges Shelton, Aguilera, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine.

During a live taping of the show’s upcoming new episode, the gang showed off in front of the audience during some down time by bantering back and forth. While Shelton and Levine are famous rivals on the reality singing competition, it was the country crooner’s relationship with Williams and Aguilera that provided the biggest laughs in the sneak peek. 

The first moment in the promo, courtesy of TV Guide, occurs when the video boasts the group's pranks on each other, highlighting a moment in which Williams and Levine mess with Shelton by taking his phone and accusing the other of the crime. While the duo try hard not to break, Shelton’s reaction elicits a major laugh from the crowd. 

Elsewhere in the video, Shelton goes to give Aguilera a hug and then awkwardly starts to pester her to let him squeeze her arm. When she refuses, he acts shocked that she suddenly doesn’t want to let him now that countless audience members and cameras are watching them. Although the moment was a little strange, odds are good his girlfriend, Stefani, will see it for the innocuous bit of pre-show playfulness that it was. 

“The Voice” returns Feb. 29 at 8 p.m. EST on Mondays and Tuesdays. Will you be tuning into the Season 10 premiere? Comment below or tweet your thoughts on the coaches’ panel to @TylerMcCarthy.