At long last, NBC’s “The Voice” has finally crowned a well-deserved winner for its Season 9. After dominating the iTunes charts for several weeks in a row, Jordan Smith is now the latest winner of the hit singing competition

The 22-year-old Kentucky native first demanded the attention of all four judges with his jaw-dropping Blind Audition in which he surprised everyone with his cover of Sia’s “Chandelier.” Each judge was immediately surprised to turn their chairs and see a fully-grown man standing before them and not a high-voiced woman. This is something Smith acknowledges about himself, joking in his official bio for the show that he’s often mistaken on the telephone for a woman. 

Although it might sound embarrassing to some, Smith has made peace with his uniquely high-pitched voice and used it throughout the season to set himself apart from the competition. Throughout the season, this artist’s arc has been a story of struggling to feel comfortable in one’s own skin. In fact, his final performance number, “Climb Every Mountain” from “The Sound Of Music,” was meant as a triumphant bookend to that particular part of his story, which was made all the sweeter when he got to sing it again as the winner during last night’s big finale. 

"On the show, they really highlighted the fact that I don't look like I sound, which is OK with me, because that's the message that I want to get across, that it's OK to be different than people expect you to be and not fit the mold,” Smith told his local newspaper, the Lexington Herald Leader.

Hailing from a musical background, Smith was always destined to sing. His father is a professional pianist while his mother sang. He continued that trend during his college years at Lee University where his choir team had the privilege of performing for President Barack Obama at his second inauguration ceremony.

For those developing a small crush on the extraordinarily talented singer and winner of “The Voice” grand prize, there’s bad news. According to People, Smith is in a loving and very committed relationship. His girlfriend, Kristen Denny, has been supporting him long distance from their home state (except last night) and often updates her followers on Instagram with how their lives are going. In case you were wondering what kind of boyfriend he is, perhaps a picture of the handbag he sent her for her birthday posing next to the flowers delivered work will answer your question. 

Week-after-week, Smith appeared on the show and, according to Yahoo Music, continued to be at the top of the iTunes charts and garner more votes for a single contestant than anyone else in “The Voice” history. Now, with the wind at his back and a bright future in music ahead of him, thanks to his season-long coach Adam Levine, fans need only to wait and see what this incredibly talented performer decides to do next.