After a night of rocky performances, the top 12 were cut down to the top 10 on “The Voice” Tuesday night. After the first week of double eliminations, America learned that a judge's save means nothing at this stage in the competition.

America sent home Sugar Joans (Team Pharrell) and Jessie Pitts (Team Blake), following some underwhelming performances on Monday’s live show. Joining them in the bottom three was Ryan Sill (Team Gwen).

The bottom three contestants were forced to perform in the #InstantSave, in which viewers had a brief five-minute window to vote to save one singer via Twitter and “The Voice” app. Pitts performed Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity," Joans went with Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” while Sill opted for Extreme’s “More Than Words.”

Sill was saved while Joans and Pitts didn’t make the cut. However, this won’t be the last America will see either of the two eliminated women. At the top of the show, host Carson Daly announced that every top 12 performer would return once the group is shaved down to the top 3. They’ll compete for a chance to rejoin the contestants as a fourth “wild card” finalist. So, while it was a sad night for the ladies, they’re not out of the game just yet.

Until then, America must look ahead to its top 10. Entertainment Weekly notes that Team Adam is the most obvious front-runner for the competition thus far. His performers, Chris Jamison, Damien Lawson and Matt McAndrew had stellar performances on Monday and show nothing but signs of improvement.

The “wild card” news wasn’t the only surprise from the Nov. 18 episode. Daly announced guest mentors for next week. Diana Ross, Colbie Caillat, Meghan Trainor and Patrick Stump will help coach the singers through Monday’s live performances.

With Pitts and Joans gone, here is what “The Voice” Season 7 top 10 looks like:

Team Adam:

1. Matt McAndrew

2. Damien Lawson

3. Chris Jamison

Team Gwen:

4. Anita Antoinette

5. Taylor John Williams

6. Ryan Sills

Team Pharrell:

7. DaNica Shirey

8. Luke Wade

Team Blake:

9. Craig Wayne Boyd

10. Reagan James