The Eyjafjallajökull volcano in southern Iceland erupted on Saturday night (20 March), resulting in what volcano photographer ómar Ragnarsson described as a small and shy fire column dance.

Situated between two glaciers, the region surrounding the volcano is a popular hiking destination in the summer months and is roughly a two-hour journey from Reykjavík.

While some flights were disrupted due to the threat of airborne volcanic ash, the current eruption does not pose a threat to travellers. In fact, it may be the optimum time to visit Iceland.

Weather permitting, we will go to the site of the eruption every day, says Haukur Juliusson of Reykjavík Excursions, which are running nighttime bus trips from Reykjavík to the volcano.

Passengers will see the flames from the volcano, and the colours in the sky. Both of these phenomena are best viewed when the sky is dark. During the day, you would only see clouds. Our excursion leaves at 6pm and lasts about six hours, explains Haukur.

Whenever there is a volcanic eruption in Iceland, specialist tour operator Discover the World organises trips - and gets people to the site of the eruption within 24-48 hours with the help of its dedicated volcano hotline.

 The volcano hotline helps us get in touch with people very quickly, as we never know when a volcano is going to erupt or how long it is going to last, explains Discover the World's Paul Cooke. And it would be a terrible thing to miss, he says.

Weather permitting, visitors can choose whether they want to fly over the Eyjafjallajökull area to see the spouting lava from above, or take a coach tour to view the volcanic activity from a safe distance on the ground, Paul explains.

Stephanie Le Chevalier and her husband Steve have waited ten years for a call from the volcano hotline. You know the list you have in your head of the things you have to do before you die? Well, for me seeing an active volcano has been on my list since I was a little girl, explains Stephanie.

Steve took the call, and I was busy with other things, so only vaguely heard the conversation in the background. First he asked me if I was busy on Wednesday, then he told me why he was asking. Straight away I said book it!

With reports suggesting that the fissure is growing, there may be more dramatic volcanic sights to see during your visit to Iceland. IcelandAir has developed a lava-savings offer, with £90 off three-night packages to Reykjavík for those who want to get there while the volcano is still bubbling.