Adobe has released Flash Lite on a variety of smartphones and feature phones, but Apple said it won't be adding the new feature to the iPhone.

Adobe is using graphical hardware acceleration to ease mobile processing demands for the full version of Flash. The company said this has increased rendering performance on mobile over 87%, and it has reduced memory consumption on mobile over 55%.

However, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said before that Flash is not good enough for the touch-screen device because of its resource requirements. Flash on the iPhone ca be a potential threat to its popular App Store as it allows developers to bypass Apple's software development kit and just create content with Adobe's technology.

Instead, Apple appears to be backing HTML 5 for its mobile platform, which can provide some Flash-like abilities such as video streaming.

Adobe's latest version for mobile has strong device integration which allows Flash developers to use device-specific features such as multi-touch gestures, virtual keyboards, and accelerometers.

It will be released as a public developer beta for Windows Mobile, Palm webOS, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux later this year.