Two Wofford College students were arrested on disorderly conduct charges over the weekend after they refused to pick up their sagging pants inside a South Carolina Waffle House.

Andrew Gehring and Donovan Johnson, both 22, refused to comply with a security guard’s request “to pull their pants up and not show their boxers” inside a Spartanburg, South Carolina, Waffle House early Saturday morning, according to a police report obtained Monday by the Smoking Gun.

Officers with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene around 3:14 a.m. Saturday, and they allegedly observed Gehring showing “signs of intoxication” and Johnson using profanity with a sergeant, the report said.

The security guard asked Gehring and Johnson to leave the Waffle House, but they “continued to be belligerent” and declined a ride home by sheriff’s deputies. Officers then asked the students’ friends if they could give their pals a ride, but said they couldn’t because they were eating and Gehring wasn’t going to allow any of his friends to ride his car. Officers then asked if they could use a taxi or ask a sober friend for a ride, but Gehring and Johnson “continued to use profanity in the public parking lot within earshot of customers coming and going.” Deputies said they gave the men repeated warnings to stop using foul language.

The students said they were “out to have fun” and said they were celebrating their graduation from Wofford College. The men said “it wasn’t their concern that proper decorum was needed in the public domain,” the report stated.

After 10 minutes of trying to get a ride and the men continuing to curse, deputies put Gehring and Johnson under arrest for disorderly conduct and taken to the Spartanburg County Jail for booking.