A 36-year-old waitress is accusing a veteran NYPD cop of taking advantage of her at the Washington Heights restaurant where she worked, according to NY Daily News. The waitress claims that her boss had paid her $200 to entertain several cops, and was then taken to a back room by one former detective who allegedly sexually assaulted her. However, she says she cannot remember the details because she had blacked out. 

The last thing I remember is him patting the bed and telling me to sit down next to him. He was trying to kiss me and I was trying to ward off his advances. I remember trying to slide away from him, bob and weave, she told NY Daily News.

When she woke up the following morning, she found herself naked in the back room of the restaurant. She then called the veteran detective who said that he was holding something of hers which he needed to return- her missing underwear.

The woman went to St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital the following day where they administered a rape kit and notified the special victim's unit. However, the waitress said that she hasn't received the results yet. The man alleges that he did not have sex with the woman because she was indisposed.