Norman Reedus has been known for his role as Daryl Dixon in the AMC zombie apocalyptic series “The Walking Dead.” However, an upcoming show will have him going on a road trip to learn more about the motorcycle culture.

The actor will be hosting an upcoming docuseries titled “Ride with Norman” that tackles everything about motorcycles and the people who enjoy them. Reedus talked about his new show in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter during the launch party of jewelry designer singer Loree Rodkin’s Sama Eyewear couture collection held Feb. 24.

Reedus recounted some of the trips that he already took for the show. The actor revealed that he already went on a Florida trip with Peter Fonda, his co-star in “The Boondock Saints II.” Reedus even shared that he and Fonda “went from the top of Florida to the Keys.” He also mentioned that the actor took him to see favorite locations.

Next on Reedus “Ride with Norman” travel list is an upcoming trip with actor Paul Reubens. The two will take on Texas during their motorcycle ride. He even shared that he will be flying off to Austin and travel via motorcycle to San Antonio to meet up with Reubens. “Hopefully Paul will be waiting for me at the Alamo with a Pee-Wee Herman bike so we can ride around,” Reedus added.

The actor’s new docuseries is being compared to chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations.” In Bourdain’s show, the chef gets to discover the various local food delicacies, as well as meet interesting people during his trip. Reedus’ upcoming show will also have him meet different people, most of whom are involved in motorcycles.

As for the show’s name “Ride with Norman,” the actor commented that he would have wanted his name off the title. Reedus stated that the show’s team is “still figuring it out” since there appears to be many “projects called Ride.”

Meanwhile, in a previous interview, Reedus shared the ongoing prank war he has with “The Walking Dead” co-star Andrew Lincoln. The two actors have developed a close bond after several years of working together on the AMC series. He also shared one of the funny antics he pulled that involved a Lincoln’s trailer which he filled with chickens.

“Ride with Norman” is expected to air sometime 2016.