While the zombie apocalypse may be a horrible place to give birth, one of stars of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” just welcomed a child into the real-life, non zombified, world. Alanna Masterson, who fans may know as Tara on the hit apocalypse drama, gave birth to her first child on Nov. 13 and is now sharing the news with her fans.

As previously reported, the actress sneakily revealed her pregnancy to the public by posting a picture of herself with a small baby bump at the end of July, just months before the Season 6 premiere of “The Walking Dead.” For weeks prior to the big reveal, her Instagram showed a cavalcade of photos in which she masterfully hid her pronounced stomach from the world. 

Now, according to Entertainment Tonight, the big day finally came and went and the 27-year-old actress is now the proud mother of a new child. The outlet notes that the baby’s gender and name have yet to be revealed to the public, but the mom announced the news the same way she announced the pregnancy, with a photo on Instagram. However, rather than the coy reveal she used last time, this time she opted for a simple photo of her lovingly kissing her boyfriend, and father of her child, Brick Stowell. The photo had the accompanying caption: “We did it.”

Stowell took to his own Instagram to give the world their first look at his child’s feet in comparison to his fully-grown hand. Although precious little is known about the baby at this point, the actress is officially a new mom. Given the timing of the newborn's arrival, it's unclear if it will affect her ability to appear on “The Walking Dead,” which was recently green lit for a seventh season on AMC. It was revealed earlier this week that filming on the final episode of the season is just beginning, meaning Tara may have had to sit a few episodes out in order to have her baby. Then again, given that it's "The Walking Dead" and there's still several episodes left in the season, there's always a chance that her character may not make it to the finale anyway. 

Tara had a relatively prominent arc in the latest episode of Season 6 after she befriended and [SPOILER ALERT] lands a kiss from the woman working the infirmary, Denise Cloyd (Merritt Wever). With the body count unusually high in Alexandria and the previous doctor dead, it fell to Cloyd to pick up the slack. Just when she was about to give up, a pep talk from Tara helps her through the tough time. The moment takes a turn and prompts Cloyd to seek romantic comfort in Tara, who was established as a LGBT character in previous seasons. 

The announcement images for Masterson’s baby can be viewed both on her Instagram account and Stowell’s. Let’s just hope she doesn’t reveal the name to be “Glenn” when the time comes.