After Disney had removed most of the company’s mobile games, it seemed like Telltale Games would be doing the same thing. It was recently reported that a bunch of the company’s games weren’t accessible in the App Store. Unlike the situation with Disney interactive, however, this situation boasts a much happier ending.

It turns out that the games were only temporarily removed due to an audio issue, according to Eurogamer. When a number of these games were played with the new iOS 9 update, there were apparently some weird audio issues that made the game more annoying than fun, so the developers decided to fix the game.

Games affected by this audio issue include "The Walking Dead," "Fables: The Wolf Among Us," "Back to the Future" and "Sam and Max." The developers in Telltale Games decided to take it upon themselves and fix the games, so they would be playable in the new mobile update.

However, the bigger issue is that no one was informed of these actions right away. Prior to the announcement from Telltale Games, many thought that their games would go the way of the Dodo, instead of continuing to be around in various app stores.

Touch Arcade addressed this issue as well, pointing out the sudden disappearance of “Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite.” Despite being a paid app that many people bought, the developers of the game pulled it without warning and removed it from anyone’s download history.

While Telltale Games won’t be doing the same thing to mobile users, some are now paranoid that their purchases won’t secure the game’s presence. Since some games can’t even handle a new iOS update, they get removed, no matter if the app was originally free or not.

Hopefully developers can address this issue in the near future. Though free-to-play games continue to dominate the mobile gaming market, paid games like “Oceanhorn” and “The Walking Dead” hold a place in many a gamer’s heart. Telltale Games have confirmed that most of the studio’s games will be returning after they fix the audio issue, which is the exception instead of the norm these days.  

The Walking Dead Video Game Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameNewsOfficial)