(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

Viewers of The Walking Dead were shocked last week when the group of survivors lost Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) to a walker. Unfortunately, the gang lost another member in this week's episode, which less of a surprise to audiences.

Grieving on the farm, the troop realizes that they must try to embrace Dale's moral beliefs now more than ever. Setting aside their differences, everyone attempts to pull together.

Were not broken, we're going to prove him wrong, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) says of Dale. From now on, we're going do it his way. That's how we're going to honor Dale. As usual, Shane (Jon Bernthal) has other plans for the group.

Following Dale's wishes, everyone on the farm, minus Shane, agrees to free their prisoner, Randall (Michael Zegen). As Shane breaks into the barn where Randall is being kept, viewers finally realize that he has fully snapped. After slapping himself around, Shane steps over to Randall, holding a gun to his head. He believes that Shane is about to kill him, but he's dragged out into the woods instead.

It's not until T-Dog (IronE Singleton) goes looking for Randall to release him, that the group realizes their prisoner is gone, and the danger that could possibly follow. Walking through the woods with Randall, Shane tricks the prisoner into thinking that he wants to leave his own group and join his.

Unexpected camera work blinds viewers as a struggle between the two breaks out. A startling crack sounds through the woods as viewers are under the impression that Shane, now alone, broke the man's neck. Further disturbing the audience, the deranged former police offer walks towards a tree and brutally slams his face into the bark, breaking his nose.

With such off-the-wall behavior, audiences have no idea what to expect from Shane. Unfortunately, his behavior is never for the best. Shane staggers back to the farm, making a fictitious story up about the escaped prisoner.

Rick sends a search party into the woods, making the mistake of sticking with Shane, and sending Daryl (Normal Reedus) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) off as a team. It's Daryl and Glenn that discover Randall, except that Randall, who did indeed die of a broken neck, has now become a walker.

Regrettably for Rick, Daryl and Glenn's expedition leaves him isolated with Shane. So this is where you plan to do it? asks Rick, realizing Shane has segregated him from the group. Lets have the balls to call this what it is. Murder.

I'm a better man than you, Rick, Shane snaps at his former friend. You got a broken woman and you got a weak boy. In an unforeseen move, audiences saw Rick attempt to make peace with Shane, calmly walking towards the deranged man only to viciously stab him in the heart.

Damn you for making me do this, Rick cries, bringing the audience to think back to Dale and the high-minded speech that Rick gave at the beginning of the episode. This was you, not me, he says as he weeps over Shane's body.

Viewers were flabbergasted as Carl (Chandler Riggs) makes his way through the field, holding up a gun to his father when he sees him standing over Shane's body. In another twist that takes back the audience, Shane rises as a walker, and is once again killed, this time at the hands of Carl.

While his death was gruesome, audiences will not be missing Shane's hotheaded and dangerous behavior.

This is the second week in a row that group members have encountered walkers that seemed to have no bites. So how did Randall and Shane turn? This odd occurrence may stem from the mysterious conversation that Rick had at the Centers for Disease and Control at the end of season one. Before Rick and the others escaped from the doomed CDC building Dr. Jenner (Noah Emmerich) whispered something to Rick that was unheard by audiences. Could this puzzling whisper be that everyone is already infected with the walker disease?

Next week is the season finale for The Walking Dead, an episode bound to be shocking, gruesome and full of a lot of unanswered questions. Previews show a swarm of unruly walkers stumbling towards the farm. Will the group of survivors abandon their former safe haven? Will more lives be lost or will more heroes emerge?