Viewers of The Walking Dead have been reeling over the recent Season 2 spoiler. Little did they know, a beloved character would bite the dust in Sunday night's episode.

The show's characters have been debating the fate of a prisoner who recently held the lives of Rick and Shane in his hands. After rescuing the foreign character, the inhabitants of the farm have been debating whether the man should live and possibly place the group in danger, or die - reducing their risks.

Unfortunately the prisoner's life wasn't the one at risk in tonight's episode. Dale, who had been fighting for the life of the prisoner had an unfortunate run-in with a walker, who attacks him. He is put out of his misery by Norman Reedus' Daryl.

After almost two seasons, viewers were shocked to find Dale's moral character shot to hell. Dale had always been a character of hope and moral being, and to have his character meet such a horrible gruesome death was unexpected.

If the Season 2 spoilers from the AMC DVD are correct, Dale isn't the only character to meet a horrific fate this season. Shane, played by Jon Bernthal, is also reported to meet his death by the end of the season.