“The Walking Dead” season 4 premiere left viewers on the edge of their seats with a walker breach in the prison. In episode 2, “Infected,” the AMC series picked back up with zombie Patrick roaming Block D … and infecting others.

Check out our short recap with the top six moments from the latest episode of “The Walking Dead”:

Zombie Kibble

The fence at the prison has become an issue due to walkers gathering in high volumes. In episode 2, viewers got a look at one of the reasons why the walkers have been building up – someone has been feeding them!

“Infected” kicked off with an unknown person holding a flashlight while feeding a rat to a walker at the fence. Who they are or why they are doing it is currently a mystery to “Walking Dead” fans, but thanks to a near breach at the fence the others in the prison are now aware that someone has been feeding the dead.

Breach In D Block

After dying in the bathrooms in the prison, Patrick came back to life as a walker and moseyed his way into a sleeping and unsuspecting D Block. One zombie quickly turned into multiple as Patrick tore into residents, making them transition into the dead.

Rick, Daryl and the others were able to quickly sweep the block, killing those that had turned. However they made a startling discovery – Patrick and another D Block resident had no bites, yet had become walkers.

Carol’s Getting Bold

When “Walking Dead” fans first met Carol she was in an abusive marriage. As the series progressed she turned into a grieving mother and then a vital part of the prison support system. Viewers initially believed that the zombie apocalypse had changed Carol for the better … but now are beginning to question her actions and thoughts.

Initially believing she could amputate the arm of a bit D Block resident, Carol realized that he had an untreatable bite on the back of his neck. With nothing left to do, Carol promised the man that he’d take care of his two daughters – Lizzie and Mika. Carol agreed but her new role as guardian came with a  twisted start … handing a knife to pre-teen Lizzie to stab her father in the head.

Lizzie couldn’t go through with it and Carol ended up doing the deed, but her bold behavior didn’t stop there. She approached Carl to ask him to “not lie” but just not tell Rick about her teaching the young kids how to use knives during “story time.”

Michonne’s Weakness

Michonne has done a great job at keeping her past a secret. “Walking Dead” viewers only know that she used to have two “pet” zombies and found Andrea in the woods during the season 2 finale. However it appears as if Michonne, like the others at the prison, has a sad history.

Her weakness was exposed when Beth tried to hand baby Judith to her but refused to, shouting no. She eventually caved when Beth explained that she was covered in carrots from Judith. Holding the baby, Michonne began to cry … leading viewers to speculate if Michonne lost her own child at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

How Rick Got His Groove Back

Rick had a rough time in season 3. Almost losing his mind after the death of Lori, Rick realized he had to step up his game as a father for Carl and Judith.

The season 4 premiere, “30 Days Without An Accident,” saw Rick gun-less and a farmer, devoting his time to spending time with Carl and Judith in a non-killing environment. During episode 2, Carl asked Rick for his gun back but his dad refused. However by the end of the episode Rick realized that just because they are living more civilized doesn’t mean that a threat doesn’t exist. Rick not only gave Carl his gun … but he also strapped his gun belt back on – preparing to continue the fight against the walkers.

A New God

The season 4 premiere introduced a new threat, and episode 2 introduced a new God. With a deadly flu circulating through the prison, someone on the inside decided to take matters into their own hands before another Patrick incident occurred – they dragged Karen and another resident out of their prison cells and set them on fire.

New episodes of “The Walking Dead” air on AMC on Sundays at 9 p.m. What did you think of episode 2, “Infected”? Let us know in the comments section.