The prison survivors were in pretty bad shape the last time the “Walking Dead” left off. Those infected with the flu tried it hold on a little longer; Daryl and his group ran into some trouble trying to get medical supplies; and Rick made the tough decision to send Carol off on her own after she admitted to killing Karen and David.

With such an explosive fourth episode, the latest one started off a little bit slow … until a jaw dropping reveal at the end. Take a look at the top 5 moments from episode 5, ‘Internment’:


An emotional and difficult (yet necessary) goodbye with Carol, Rick got off easy upon his return to the prison. With Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob out on a supply run, the only person Rick had to explain the situation to was Maggie.

“Rick, Where’s Carol?” Maggie begged him.

“It was her,” Rick said quietly. “She killed Karen and David. She was trying to stop it from spreading.”

Shocked and speechless over the reveal, Rick continued to explain the situation. Easing the pain of it by saying he left her with a car and supplies, Rick tells Maggie that he didn’t think Carol should be at the prison. More specifically that he “couldn’t have her here.”

“Would you have brought her back?” he asked Maggie. And while she’s quiet for a moment, she responds, “You were right to send her away. I don’t know if I could have.”

The Domino Effect

With all abled bodies working to keep the prison intact, Hershel is still in the quarantine section trying to help the sick residents. And while Hershel remains hopeful that the sick can be rescued, his faith gets tested in a big way.

Working with a very ill Sasha and Glenn, the trio manage to (temporarily) save one man with a manual breathing tube. Leaving Sasha to keep him breathing, Hershel and Glenn are forced to remove one of the dead before he turns.

Checking in on Dr. Caleb, the bleeding doctor warns Hershel to close the cell doors and shows him that he has guns and ammunition in his cell … because it will become necessary to use. Refusing to take that outlook, everything changes when Hershel discovers Sasha unconscious on the floor. While he manages to save Sasha, he fails to close the cell door of a dead patient … leading the woman to turn into a walker and begin a domino effect that kills countless.

The walker attacks Hershel leading a man checking on his sick son to come out with a gun. But before he can shoot the walker, a woman pulls the zombie off Hershel. However as the man with the gun watches, his son turns into a walker and rips into his arm. In a fit of fright and shock, the man pulls the trigger on his gun … killing the woman that just rescued Hershel.

The Break In

Rick and Maggie are attempting to secure the prison fence from walkers when they hear the gunshot from the quarantine ward. Sending Maggie to go check on the situation, Rick enlists the help of Carl to help prop wood against the fence to keep it from going down.

Unfortunately the number of zombies is too much for the fence and it quickly goes down … leaving Rick and Carl to barely enough time to make it to the safety of the second fence. Grabbing some guns outside, the father/son team comes up with a plan to try to save the prison from the breach.

When the second fence falls, the pair begin to gun down the walkers coming towards them – and they manage to succeed! With the breached walkers down, they walk through and stab them in the head.

Lizzie’s (Strange) Behavior

As Hershel struggles to help survivors and fend off walkers, Glenn takes a turn for the worse on the second floor of the quarantine ward. Collapsing into a coughing fit, he’s left bleeding from the mouth next to the man on the breathing tube – who died.

Unable to fend off the newly turned walker, Glenn’s rescued by a surprising resident – Lizzie.

“Walking Dead” viewers will remember that Lizzie has a strange fascination and outlook on the walkers. And she uses her different view of them to lure the walker away from Glenn. “Come on good boy,” she tells the dead, speaking to it as if it were a pet dog. But her plan backfires when she accidentally trips. With the walker reaching to bite her, Lizzie’s rescued by Hershel.

Putting her in a cell and telling her to stay put, Hershel’s able to revive Glenn with the help of Maggie.

An Old Threat Returns

Episode 5 ended with Daryl, Michonne and Tyreese returning with the medical supplies. As Tyreese tends to his sister, Daryl begins to ask about Carol … and is told by Hershel that he needs to talk to Rick.

“Internment” concluded with a general positive outlook thanks to the medical supplies (even though they still have to deal with the fence breach.) But what they don’t know is that an old threat has returned and is lurking in the shadows of the woods – The Governor.

What did you think of episode 5 of “The Walking Dead”? Are you looking forward to Daryl’s confrontation with Rick about Carol? Excited about the return of The Governor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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