“The Walking Dead” continued to leave viewers on the edge of their seats with the latest episode from season 4, “Indifference.”

Last time fans left off, Carol had admitted to Rick that she murdered Karen and David. Fortunately for Carol, a majority of the prison survivors were either in quarantine or out searching for supplies. But episode 4 showed that Carol wasn’t off the hook for her crime. Check out the top 5 moments from episode 4, “Indifference.”

What Truly Happened To Karen And David

Viewers were once again hesitant that Carol was behind the killings when she went to go visit Lizzie in quarantine. A flashback/vision by Rick laid out exactly what happened in Karen and David’s cell.

Carol had went in to check on Karen and comfort her. The sick woman made the mistake of turning over in her bed -- giving Carol the opportunity to quickly stab her in the back of the head. She then dragged the body outside where she used a tank of gasoline for the prison cars to light the corpses on fire.

Leaving the prison with Rick to find some food and medicine, Rick admits that he doesn’t trust her alone with the sick survivors.

“They were suffering,” Carol tries to explain. “I made it quick. They would have drowned in their own blood.”

But Rick doesn’t approve of Carol’s reasoning.

“They were a threat,” she continued of why she had to burn the bodies. “I was trying to save lives … somebody had to.”

Welcome To The Group

Coming across a housing development, Rick and Carol discover a clean-looking car and realize that they might not be the only survivors there. Heading into a house, they begin to raid for medicine and food and come across a walker. Killing the zombie, Carol and Rick are surprised when a door at the top of the staircase creaks open. Prepared for more walkers, they discover two survivors -- a young man and a young woman.

Both the survivors are injured. The woman had her foot trampled during a freak out at a refugee camp and the man had dislocated his shoulder along the way. Carol fixes his shoulder and prepare to head their separate ways when the newcomers ask to come back with them.

Rick gives them his three-question test and they pass. He warns them that he can’t guarantee their safety at the prison and tells them about the sickness that is spreading. Explaining that he’ll come back for them after they raid a couple more houses, Carol asks that they help out -- even though they are both hurt and don’t have experience killing walkers.

Rick tries to convince them to stay put, but the newcomers insist on helping out. Carol and Rick head their separate ways after handing over a gun and a watch and agreeing to meet back up in two hours. But as Rick suspected, the two couldn’t handle being off on their own. On their way back they discover the woman being fed on by walkers, and the man is nowhere to be seen.

Bob Stookey’s Alcohol Problem

Daryl’s group manages to make it to the veterinary school after getting their hands on another car. Along the way Bob Stookey opens up about his time before joining the prison group. Viewers already know that Daryl found him by himself not long before season 4 picked up. But now we learned that he was in two separate survivor groups … and both times he ended up being the only one to survive.

Explaining that the alcohol helps him manage, he admits to Daryl that he was part of the reason why Zak got killed at the Big Spot in the premiere. But Daryl doesn’t let him carry the blame, telling Bob that he’s not standing alone anymore.

Bob didn’t learn his lesson with Zak, however. After collecting all the supplies they need, they barely make it out of the veterinary school. Carrying bags filled with supplies, Bob trips as he climbs out a window. With his bag hanging over the edge of the roof, Bob holds on for dear life as the walkers pull at it.

Daryl and the others yell for him to let go of the bag, but Bob refuses. Finally managing to pull it back over, Daryl’s shocked to discover that Bob’s bag doesn’t hold any of the medicine supplies they were searching for. Instead, he has a bottle of alcohol in the bag.

“You should gave kept walking that day,” Daryl says as he goes to chuck the bottle.

“Don’t,” Bob tells him as he reaches for his gun.

Beyond angry that Bob would threaten him over alcohol, Daryl goes face-to-face with him. Taking the gun out of Bob’s hand, Daryl hands him back the bottle and threatens to kill him if another person dies over his addiction.

The Shane Comparison

Rick kept quiet after Carol admitted to killing Karen and David, and Carol wants to know why.

“I killed two people and you haven’t said a word about it,” she says to Rick.

“I never murdered two of my own,” he tells her, but Carol disagrees.

“You did one,” she said, referring to Shane.

“He was going to kill me,” Rick argued.

“So were they,” Carol fires back about Karen and David. “They were going to kill all of us.”

But Rick still doesn’t agree with Carol’s reasoning.


Carol and Rick talk about their lost loved ones -- Sophia, Ed and Lori -- but Carol doesn’t humanize herself in Rick’s eyes.

“Karen and David -- they might have lived, and now they’re dead,” he tells Carol at the housing development. “That wasn’t your decision to make … When Tyreese finds out he’ll kill you. When the others find out they won’t want you there.”

But then Rick drops a bomb: “With my children, I won’t have you there.”

“Rick, it’s me,” she pleads. “No one else has to know … I could have pretended everything was going to be fine. But I didn’t. I did something. I stepped up. I had to do something.”

Rick tells Carol that she has to leave the prison and that she can’t take Lizzie and Micah with her. But he tries to leave her with some hope, saying that she’s tougher now and can survive.

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