“The Walking Dead” may have just returned from its holiday hiatus, but that doesn’t mean the writers are going to hold off on the drama – or even deaths. Episode 10 is set to air on Sunday, and viewers will see how some of the other survivors are making out after the fall of the prison.

The midseason premiere, “After,” focused on how Michonne, Carl and Rick are coping since the death of Hershel, loss of their safe haven and potential death of baby Judith. Initially separated at the beginning of the episode, the three managed to reunite and find shelter and food in an abandoned home. Episode 10, on the other hand, will feature other prison survivors – like Beth and Daryl.

“Walking Dead” fans will remember that at the end of the midseason finale Beth was searching for baby Judith and the other kids. She ended up getting left behind by the emergency bus and was forced to flee the grounds on foot with Daryl.

According to a leaked synopsis for episode 10, “Inmates,” the separated group will be searching for “stability and safety” … but with many obstacles in their way.

And thanks to a released sneak peek video, we know that one of those obstacles might be Daryl. The “Inmates” clip shows Daryl and Beth sitting in silence by a fire in the woods. As Daryl stares into the flames, Beth suggests that they do something – but Daryl doesn’t respond or even acknowledge Beth.

“We aren’t the only survivors,” Beth continues. “We can’t be. Rick, Michonne – they can be out here. Maggie and Glenn could have made it out of A Block.”

Beth suggests that they try tracking them, but when Daryl fails to get up or say anything she stalks off and says she’ll do it herself.

“We’re going to be seeing him struggling with whether he can maintain who he’s become or is he going to revert back to who he was before,” executive producer Robert Kirkman told TV Guide. “Sadly, it looks like Beth is going to be caught in the crossfire.”

Whether Daryl eventually follows Beth or if Beth decides to wait remains to be seen … but it’s very clear that the pair are not safe in the woods. And fans are even speculating that the episode will end with a major death.

What started the rumors about killing off a character on “The Walking Dead?" The theories began after “The Talking Dead” announced that they would be having a “special guest” join host Chris Hardwick and comedian Jim Gaffigan. But FirstComicNews.com is reporting that the special guest is cast member Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara Chambler.

Tara was introduced during the first half of season 4 in “Live Bait.” The Governor befriended Tara’s family, developing a relationship with Tara’s sister Lily and embracing Lily’s daughter Megan as his own.

Tara was last seen during the midseason finale of “The Walking Dead,” and seemingly made it out alive. Her addition to the “Talking Dead” may be a hint that she’s going to reappear … and potentially die.

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