Brains are about to hit the fan on “The Walking Dead.” Episode 15 aired on AMC Sunday night, setting up viewers for the hour and a half Season 5 finale. “Try” kicked off with Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) mourning the loss of her son, Aiden (Daniel Bonjour). And while the death of a loved one is never welcome, this couldn’t have come at a worse time for Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group of survivors. Last week Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) dropped a bomb on Deanna that Rick and the others weren’t to be trusted.

Check out the six big reveals from “The Walking Dead” Season 5, episode 15:

1. Surprise, Surprise … Nicholas Is A Liar

“Walking Dead” viewers know that Nicholas (Michael Traynor) was partially to blame for Aiden’s death – and 100% to blame for Noah’s (Tyler James Williams) death. Glenn (Steven Yeun) decided to bring him back to Alexandria after the deadly run, however it looks like that was a big mistake. Nicholas told Deanna the opposite of what really happened. He claimed that Glenn distracted Aiden, and that he tried to stay and save him. Deanna appeared to believe him – especially after Father Gabriel’s confession last week.

Meanwhile, Glenn told Rick the truth and asked him if he did the wrong thing by bringing Nicholas back to Alexandria. Rick told Glenn that they don’t answer to the people at the safe-zone, but Glenn argued with him. He countered that they’re part of Alexandria now and that they had to “make this work.”

2.New Neighbors

Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) were away from the drama of Alexandria, but they ran into their own set of problems – there were other humans in the area surrounding the safe-zone.

The pair discovered a body on the ground that was recently dismembered. Traveling a little further they came across a naked woman tied up. The walkers had fed on her while she was still alive, and when Daryl pulled her head up he discovered a “W” carved on her forehead.

3.“We Don’t Kill People”

Last week Carol (Melissa McBride) told Rick that Pete (Corey Brill) was physically abusive with Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and her children. Rick was still deciding what to do, and Carol warned him that she wouldn’t be alive if walkers hadn’t got to her abusive husband, Ed (Adam Minarovich)

Before going to talk to Pete and Jessie, Rick went to discuss the situation with Deanna. It turns out that Deanna knew what was going on, but ignored it because Pete saves lives as a doctor. Rick suggested that they separate Pete and Jessie … and that if that doesn’t work they kill Pete. Deanna quickly told him that they are civilized and don’t kill people. She promised that if it had to come to a head that they would exile Pete, but Rick warned that exiling Pete would only make Alexandria vulnerable. Deanna wasn’t hearing anymore of it though. She told him never to suggest execution again and that “that sort of thinking doesn’t belong in here.”

4.Carl And Enid Sitting In A Tree

Carl (Chandler Riggs) followed Enid (Katelyn Nacon) again, but this time Enid called him out for it. While Enid didn’t reveal a lot about her past, the pair did bond – and almost kiss!

5.The Case Of The Missing “J” Gun

Remember the “blender gun”? Rick had hid a gun with a letter “J” on the handle at a shack outside of Alexandria. When he went to retrieve the gun, it was gone. In episode 15, “Walking Dead” viewers discovered Nicholas with the gun.

6.Rick’s Smackdown

Rick didn’t get anywhere with Deanna, so he decided to go to Jessie. He confronted her about Pete’s abuse, but Jessie refused his help.

“It was like this before and he got help,” Jessie explained to Rick. “I helped him and things were good. I can fix it.”

Rick tried to tell her that she couldn’t, but she told him that he would only make things worse. He initially left, but then returned to try his plea again. He revealed that her son had asked for a gun to protect her, and that was enough for Jessie to realize that she needed help.

“I don’t want you to die,” Rick told her. “I can help you. I can keep you and your boy’s safe. I can. All you have to do is say yes.”

Jessie said “yes” just as Pete walked in. He immediately suspected that Rick was up to something and told him to leave. But Jessie finally stood up for herself. She told Pete to leave … and he did NOT like that.

Pete and Rick got into a physical fight that led to them going through the window of the house. The Alexandria townsfolk gathered around and tried to break them up, however no one could get between the two men. Deanna finally demanded that they stop, and Rick managed to get control of himself. He threatened to kill Pete if he ever hit Jessie again, but Deanna wasn’t on Rick’s side.

“You still don’t get it,” Rick told the group that had gathered. “None of you do.”

Covered in blood, Rick rambled that his people knew how to get things done in order to keep Alexandria standing. “Starting right now we have to live in the real world,” he continued. We have to control who lives here.”

Deanna told him that that has never been more clear. While Rick was referring to Pete, Deanna was referring to him.

“If you don’t fight, you die,” Rick went on. “I’m not going to stand by …” But Michonne knocked him out before he could finish talking.