Looks like someone has a crush in the zombie apocalypse! Last week “Walking Dead” fans met Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge), an Alexandria Safe-Zone resident. She swung by Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) new house to bring supplies, and ended up cutting his hair. While it seemed like an innocent act, viewers saw definite sparks between the two. And episode 13, “Forget,” continued to hint at that impending storyline.

During Sunday night’s episode, Rick and a majority of the other survivors attended a party at the house of Alexandria leader Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh). Rick was simply trying to keep up appearances, but a conversation with Jessie changed something in him. Although Rick wasn’t 100 percent sold on his group’s new living arrangements, Jessie argued that Rick’s kids had a chance at normalcy, and that Alexandria wasn’t such a bad place to live. After taking baby Judith from Jessie’s arms, Rick swooped in and kissed Jessie on the cheek. Jessie seemed taken aback, but Rick showed no signs that he regretted making the move.

Could it have been a simple, friendly peck? Of course. But later in the episode, Rick almost pulled out his gun when he saw Jessie with her husband, Pete (Corey Brill). The AMC series seems to be pointing toward a feud between the two men.

Breckenridge revealed on “The Talking Dead” that her character Jessie and Pete met while at art college. When Jessie got pregnant, Pete decided to enroll in medical school to become a doctor and provide for his family, but their relationship turned rocky. Although they’re safely together in the zombie apocalypse, Jessie and Pete are “not getting along well.”

A bumpy road, however, doesn’t mean that Jessie is looking for love elsewhere. According to Breckenridge, Jessie had pure intentions when she met Rick and didn’t go to his house expecting anything. When she saw his long hair, her innocent thought was that he needed a haircut and that she could provide one.

Jessie is portrayed differently in the "Walking Dead" source comic books. The character is “depressed and quiet” and physically abused by her husband. The show hasn’t fully explored Pete, but a sneak peek video from episode 14 teases that something is off.

Watch the sneak peek video below: