Fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” have had almost three weeks to let the Season 5 finale sink in. With the most action-packed season of the series coming to a close with a gigantic cliffhanger, fans, producers and cast members are already looking ahead to Season 6.

In a recent interview with Yahoo TV, Season 5 actress Tovah Feldshuh opened up about her role in “The Walking Dead,” as well as what’s going to happen to her character in Season 6. For those who don’t know, Feldshuh played Deanna Monroe in the latter half of the latest season. She is the former congresswoman-turned-utopia leader who’s running the safe-haven community of Alexandria.

When last we left Deanna [SPOILER ALERT], she was holding her dying husband, Reg (Steve Coulter), in her arms and ordering Rick (Andrew Lincoln) to go ahead and execute the man responsible. After the abusive Pete Anderson (Corey Brill) was removed from his family following an intense fight with Rick, he showed up at the town meeting totally wasted. Brandishing the sword of Michonne (Danai Gurira), he accidentally slit Reg’s throat, leading both Rick and Deanna decide he’s lived long enough.

“I just know that Deanna did her best to create a transparent, egalitarian society, and that last speech in the last episode ... you see a paradigm [shift] from the rule of law to the rule of swift justice,” Feldshuh said about her character’s final decision in the interview with Yahoo TV. “That’s what is so crushing and crucial about the last episode.”

Unfortunately, Feldshuh wasn’t able to tell fans too much more about what they can expect in Season 6. She confessed she isn’t sure what the impact of the execution order would have on the relationship between Deanna and Rick, as the producers have yet to let her know ahead of the beginning of filming in May.

“What does that mean [for] her relationship with Rick and the band of people she’s taken in from the outside?” Feldshuh wondered. “What does it mean for next season? Do I promote Rick from constable to general? Do we head into a conflict? Do I have regret? Do I backtrack?”

For real Season 6 spoilers, we will have to turn to series creator Robert Kirkman, who recently mentioned he’d like to see a tiger join the cast. Fans of the comic-book material on which the hit series is based will know exactly how a tiger fits into the storyline. However, it’s unclear whether that’s confirmation the TV show will enter the same territory -- for the sakes of certain characters, we sure hope not.

Devotees of “The Walking Dead” will simply have to wait until the show returns on AMC for Season 6 to have all their burning questions answered. Let’s hope the wolves don’t cause too much trouble between now and then. Meanwhile, fans can educate themselves about the forthcoming companion series “Fear the Walking Dead.”