During last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” AMC viewers caught up with the folks at Alexandria while Rick (Andrew Lincoln) led a team to draw a horde of walkers away from the safe haven. Lives were lost as a deadly group of humans called Wolves attacked the community, and even more were lost outside the walls during episode 3, titled “Thank You.”

Episode 3 picks up with Rick and the others moving toward Alexandria after a horn threw their “zombie parade” plan off course. While they don’t know what’s going on at home, one thing is certain -- the safe haven will have an even bigger problem if the horde makes it all the way to the wall.

Daryl (Norman Reedus), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) are still leading a large group of walkers 20 miles down the road, but the others are heading back. Unfortunately for Rick, the Alexandrians blame him for what’s happened. But Rick has a plan to rectify the situation. The new strategy is for Rick to run ahead to the RV and lead the walkers away from the community. Meanwhile, the others will run back to help protect their home.

Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) are the only competent fighters in the group, so Rick tells them to try to save the others but to keep going if the weak ones slow them down. It’s a necessary move in order to survive. But Heath (Corey Hawkins), who overhears Rick, doesn’t see it that way.

In the midst of setting up a new plan, the horn at Alexandria stops. However, the others still have to worry about the horde coming their way, and they're getting nervous. A couple of walkers catch up to them, and one Alexandria resident immediately gets eaten.

Michonne and Glenn encourage the others to keep moving ahead of the horde, but the others worry that they might not even be heading back to something. Their panic results in more chaos as another Alexandrian gets bitten. Meanwhile, Scott (Kenric Green) and Heath try to help Michonne and Glenn fight off the walkers, and Scott accidentally gets shot in the leg by another scared Alexandria survivor. The others manage to save Scott from getting attacked by walkers, but the bozo who shot him bails on his friends and runs off into the woods alone.

Their numbers are down to seven, and they have multiple obstacles in their way. Besides the Alexandrians' inexperience in combat, one is bitten, one is suffering from a bullet injury, and another one has a sprained ankle. The odds are against them, but Michonne and Glenn keep encouraging them to trek on to get to Alexandria. They stop at a town along the way, hopeful that they can get a car running to get back quicker. But they have no such luck. Tired and injured, they seek shelter away from the walkers at a pet shop while they hatch a new strategy to get home.

Back on the road, Daryl wants to turn around and help the others at Alexandria. Sasha and Abraham tell him that his place is on the road with them, but Daryl’s mind is set. He leaves them alone to lead the zombie parade the full 20 miles away from the safe haven.

Like Daryl, Glenn is also making his own rules. Although Rick wanted Glenn and Michonne to stay together, Glenn quickly figures out that they won’t make it back without a distraction for the walkers. He suggests burning a building down, which will also help draw the horde away from Alexandria -- and Nicholas (Michael Traynor) knows just the place.

Walking Dead Nicholas (Michael Traynor, pictured) volunteers to lead Glenn (Steven Yeun, not pictured) to a feed store in Season 6, episode 3 of "The Walking Dead." Photo: AMC

Michonne doesn’t want him to go, but Glenn tells her that he’s doing this for Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and the others at Alexandria. He unpacks some of his prized belongings, like the pocket watch that belonged to Maggie’s dad, Hershel (Scott Wilson), and promises that he’ll send a signal and meet back up with him. Nicholas offers to go with him, and although Glenn is initially hesitant, he agrees to let him show him the way to a old feed store that will catch fire easily.

Glenn radios the new plan to Rick, who is getting his cardio on by running down the road to the RV. He stops briefly to kill some walkers and strip a dead man of his weapons, but the quick battle results in Rick accidentally getting stabbed by a machete protruding from one of the undead. With his hand now severely bleeding, Rick continues his quest to get the RV and draw the horde away from Alexandria.

Walking Dead Walker A walker with a blade stuck in him cuts Rick's (Andrew Lincoln, not pictured) hand in Season 6, episode 3 of "The Walking Dead." Photo: AMC

Meanwhile, Michonne’s quest to get everyone back to the safe haven is not going well. Scott and the girl with the sprained ankle offer to be left behind at the feed store in order to avoid slowing the others down, but Michonne insists that they’re not leaving anyone behind. Heath doesn’t believe her, though. After overhearing her conversation with Rick earlier, Heath believes that she’ll ditch them all in order to make it back safe herself. Michonne has bigger issues on her plate, but she stops to confront Heath about his problem with her.

“If you don’t learn, then you will die,” she tells him, insisting that he’s never had to face what her and Rick have gone through.

Elsewhere, Glenn is starting to see more of Nicholas’ haunting past. They come across a 19-year-old walker that used to be a member of Alexandria. Nicholas tells Glenn that he was on his team and that they left him behind during a run.

“You’re not that guy anymore,” Glenn tells him.

Nicholas does the deed of putting the walker out of their misery, and the two continue toward the feed store. However, gunshots from home throw another wrench into their plan. The noise is drawing more walkers.

They finally make it to the feed store, but it’s already burned down and unfortunately they’re out of time. A large group of walkers finds them and corners them in an alley.

Walking Dead Season 6, episode 3 Walkers close in on the survivors in Season 6, episode 3 of "The Walking Dead." Photo: AMC

The others aren’t making out any better. Rick makes it to the RV, but he’s losing a lot of blood. Meanwhile, the horde finds Michonne and the others after a walker in a backroom at the pet shop causes noise. With no other plan in place, their only option is to head out into the streets, guns blazing. The girl with the sprained ankle falls almost immediately, and there is no going back for her. She encourages them to move forward as walkers close in on her. But just like Glenn and Nicholas, they also reach an alley with a dead end.

A chain link fence is the only thing in their way, and they quickly hoist up Scott, who is unable to climb on his own due to his foot. Scott and Heath make it over safely, but Michonne and the Alexandria survivor with the bite mark don’t beat the walkers. They’re about halfway up the fence when the undead begin to claw at their legs. Michonne’s able to make it over, thanks to some help from Heath, but they lose the bite mark man to the horde. Now Michonne’s group is down to three -- and Glenn and Nicholas aren’t making out any better.

Chain link fences surround Nicholas and Glenn, but they can’t climb because walkers are on both sides. Their only chance at holding them off is climbing on top of a dumpster; however, the walkers are still reaching for them. Nicholas begins to have a panic attack, blocking out Glenn’s voice and zoning in on the walkers. Glenn finally snaps him out of it, but Nicholas is still “gone.”

“Thank you,” he says to Glenn.

Nicholas takes his gun and shoots himself in the head, spraying Glenn in the face with his blood. The sound of the gun and Nicholas’ body knocks Glenn off the dumpster and straight into the sea of walkers. He hits the ground hard and has no chance to recover. The walkers immediately rip into him, his innards flowing out of his chest.

Walking Dead Glenn Glenn (Steven Yeun) appears to get eaten by walkers in Season 6, episode 3 of "The Walking Dead." Photo: AMC

As the walkers eat Glenn (fingers crossed it was somehow Nick’s body and not Glenn that they were tearing into), Rick radios him from the RV. When he doesn’t answer, he reaches out to Daryl to find out the status on the horde. Daryl doesn’t tell Rick that he split from Sasha and Abraham; however, he has second thoughts when he hears a struggle on Rick’s end of the radio.

Two Wolves from Alexandria attack Rick in the RV -- and one of them is the man who stole the gun from the ground after Morgan (Lennie James) let him walk free. Although injured, Rick manages to kill them both. However, a jar of baby food on one of the Wolves alerts him of danger at home. He doesn’t have time to race back to Alexandria, though. Thanks to the rearview mirror, Rick spots the rest of the Wolves that fled the safe zone along the side of the RV. He grabs his machine gun and shoots through the wall of the RV to kill them all.

It looks as if Rick dodged death -- but the RV doesn’t start, and the horde of walkers arrive, surrounding the vehicle with Rick inside.

Episode 3 of “The Walking Dead” ends with Rick’s fate up in the air as Michonne, Scott and Heath arrive back at Alexandria. Meanwhile, Daryl meets back up with Sasha and Abraham to continue leading the remaining zombie parade away from their home.

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